Kelly Sue DeConnick to write and Robson Rocha to draw for ‘Aquaman’ comic

AquamanAt San Diego Comic-Con, DC announced that Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet) will write for Aquaman. Shortly after the announcement came out, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Robson Rocha will be the artist for the series. Rocha has drawn for the Issue #35 of the current Aquaman series. DeConnick is known to be the first woman to write Aquaman’s solo series. The official numbering and publication dates for DeConnick’s take over are yet to be announced, but her story is set to be a re-examination of the character Aquaman’s roots and his relationship with his mother. The co-producer Jim Lee has described that story would rotate around Aquaman who gets washed away on a mysterious island which is full of forgotten sea gods. Aquaman is believed to have lost his memories when he arrives at the island. It is up to him to discover that he is the king of the seven seas and find out that those mysterious people on the island are sea gods. These gods belong to different culture and mythologies from across the world and are thrown out on the island by the angry ocean. And so is Aquaman.