VFX Karnataka state cabinet approves AVGC policy for 2017 to 2022 -

Karnataka state cabinet approves AVGC policy for 2017 to 2022

The AVGC industry of Karnataka is all set to go through the roof as the State Cabinet gave its approval for the Karnataka animation, visual effects, gaming and comics policy 2017-2022.

The move comes as a real shot in the arm for an industry that has shown the potential to blossom given the spurt in the number of gamers it has witnessed recently. And the news of Karnataka ministry promoting the AVGC policy in the state comes as music to all the gamers’ ears.

Following the approval, the sunrise industry is estimated to generate over 15,000 jobs with investments in the excess of Rs. 20 crore being pumped in to promote “cutting edge work” in this sector.

Karnataka IT and BT minister Priyank Kharge

Appraising more on the policy, Karnataka IT and BT minister Priyank Kharge says “This is one of the fastest growing sectors and the state is proud to be the first one to mull a policy for this growing industry that has nurtured the sector since 2012. Now we are planning to come up with a digital media city and a venture fund of around Rs. 20 crore which has been already put in place for contribution and towards promoting the AVGC sector in the state.”

Moreover, the capital city of Bangalore will also have a centre of excellence for animation – a first of its kind in the country with several ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities.

The new policy puts the premium on aiding and abetting activities such as animated feature films, visual effects projects to engage a wider audience. Not to mention the promotion of comics and other graphical novels, which are also the beneficiaries of this policy.

The AVGC policy of 2012 was the first one by the Karnataka ministry to have been rolled out and the 2016 edition is aimed to address a few issues that cropped up in its earlier policy. It will also galvanise creativity in specific areas within the media and entertainment industry, such as industrial design, e-learning, advertising et al.

In a landmark initiative, Karnataka ministry aspires to “spread awareness” about the AVGC industry and also that makes it the biggest provider of employment in the state. Furthermore, it opens up newer avenues for investors to flex their financial muscles and also turn it into an outsourcing destination.

Being the only state in the country to have such an explicit policy for promoting the AVGC industry, Karnataka is the single biggest contributor. It will also increase its share in the game development and animation sector of the world which is currently contributed by only 22 per cent of the countries.

The effects are already palpable as Technicolor India Country Head Biren Ghosh talks of the heightened employment prospects. He says, “My own company started with around 100 employees and now has a strength of 2600 employees. In the next five months, we will recruit 500 more as the demand is growing exponentially.”

“We are also extending our training programs to seven colleges at the moment and soon it will be extended to 11. In the next five years, we plan to cover more than 20 colleges” he adds.

The seeds of a better future for the AVGC industry are sown. Now it’s only a matter of time before it reaps the rewards.

Brace yourselves!