Karnataka IT BT minister Priyank Kharge: B2B initiatives in digital media will make Bengaluru India’s creative capital

The silicon valley of India, that is southern city Bengaluru is on a new revolution! One of the most significant spearhead of the new wave is none other than Karnataka IT BT minister Priyank Kharge who brought in the AVGC policy 2017-2022.

And now the policy has lead to one of the greatest event ever in the AVGC sector named as “Bengaluru B2B AVGC summit 2017” which will be a boon to the industry. The summit is happening on 16 and 17 November 2017 at the ITC Windsor Manor, Bengaluru and details of the event can be checked on its website.

Government of Karnataka IT BT minister Priyank Kharge

Government of Karnataka Minister of IT BT and Tourism Priyank Kharge says,“The Bengaluru B2B summit is intended to spur the AVGC industry and provide start-ups, SMEs and local talent with a global window for IP creation and co-production. It is my belief that through the enhancement of business-business initiatives in the digital media sector, we will make Bengaluru the creative capital of India.”

He added, “Bengaluru is the startup capital of India and we take immense pride in the fact that Bengaluru fosters the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and is also the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem”.

The department of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka is co-locating its four flagship events  under one umbrella. These are the twentieth edition of Bengaluru ITE.biz, seventeenth edition of Bengaluru India Bio, third edition of Bengaluru Maker Faire and  first edition of Bengaluru B2B AVGC summit 2017 under one umbrella event Bengaluru summit with the focal theme ‘Ideate, Innovate, Invent’.

Benefits of the event

The summit will bring together thought leaders, technocrats, researchers, innovators, broadcasters, distributors, producers, investors and policy makers from different streams. It will pave the way for interdisciplinary dialogues and collaborations. This will lead to the emergence of disruptive technologies, creative IPs, path breaking products and unique services.

The main attraction of the event is the animation and gaming pitch that is being conducted by the organisers. Pitches are open and the last date of submission has been extended to 12 pm, November 8  due to public demand. So hurry! For submissions and queries on the rules and regulations for pitching, log on to  http://abaib2bsummit.com. Write in to: abai.b2b@gmail.com for any queries or call 08025721959.

It has created a unique platform for animation and gaming IP owners and developers, content creators and production houses.This will help them in producing and co-producing creative content to pitch their ideas in front of selected international and national studios, producers, broadcasters, publishers, distributors and investors thus making it a premier ‘mini market place’ for content trade.

Bengaluru Technology Summit 2017

The Bengaluru Technology Summit is all about convergence of technologies. The AVGC sector perfectly falls into place, as in itself it is a convergence of various forms of media. AVGC  industry  is looking forward to tremendous growth opportunities in the future given the way the world is progressing on the digital wave.

Added to this, tremendous support has been given by the honourable minister and the government in building this sector. It has laid the foundation to spur the business and generate revenues and manpower growth in the state.

Karnataka’s new AVGC policy 2.0, provides grants to start-ups, IP creators and local studios. This gives local studios the possibility to participate in cross border initiatives with greater confidence and resources.

The B2B summit is a ‘mini market place’ aimed at promoting local IP creation and providing a platform that would match locally developed concepts with the needs of global and local buyers.This summit hence consists of pure B2B interactions and discussions pertaining to pitching and  funding.

Panel Discussions

There are also various panel discussions on topics ranging from ‘Successful co-productions’ to ‘The Tips and Tricks to Pitching’ to ‘Case study about developing,marketing an IP’. There will also be a master panel with feedbacks and suggestions from international visitors.

These discussions have been conceived keeping in mind that most of the Indian studios have faced various difficulties in affording international market visits and are still not very clear in their approach towards pitching the right content to the right people. This event will give them insights about how the global AVGC industry works.

To sum it all up, this event is poised to become the biggest B2B AVGC event our country has ever witnessed and it will aim to set a benchmark for the world to follow. Stay updated with us for more news on this mega event!