‘Jungle Book’ grosses over $500 million, ‘Zootopia’ over $900 million; Disney gets richer

Disney has become rich as both its Mowgli Jungle and Zootopia world of animals has garnered unimaginable box office collections. As these films were released with a gap of just one month, Disney definitely has tapped the right market and earned heaps of wealth by entering both: live action and animation aspect. And now The Jungle Book has become even richer! Disney has bewildered the entire globe as its recent feature The Jungle Book has earned over $500 million globally. To be precise, it has earned $528.47 million till this weekend. The Jungle Book which released on 8 April, 2016 in India earned Rs 401.9 million (approx $8.4 million) in just first three days of its opening while where as it earned $103.6 million in its opening weekend after its release on 15 April, 2016 in the US counterpart. The film went on to lift its international total to $337 million and simultaneously earned $191.5 million domestically, thus amounting its global total to $528.5 million till date. The film has become the biggest grossing Hollywood release ever in India. As compared to Disney’s live action adaptation, this jungle adventure earned $130.7 million in its first full week in the US which is the second biggest collection for a Disney live-action adaptation, behind only Alice in Wonderland‘s $146 million seven day gross. Jungle book and Zootopia Besides The Jungle Book, Disney’s recent animated feature Zootopia has earned over $907.1 million globally till date after its release on 4 March, 2016. After 52 days of release, it has made $316.4 million domestically compared to Frozen’s $317.3 million in the same period of time. Zootopia has thus achieved the second biggest Disney animation release ever between The Lion King and Frozen. The animal town film opened in Japan this weekend with $4 million. As Japan is its final territory, Disney’s Zootopia has a chance to gain maximum collection, fill its kitty to the brim and produce a final record breaking number. The Jungle Book has a lot of days ahead to draw the audiences to the jungle as it is successfully running domestically and overseas as well. Moreover, it is yet to release in quite a number of territories and therefore, it may soon catch up with Zootopia or probably may go way ahead of it as well. This box office collection race between The Jungle Book and Zootopia has been aggressive and constantly gaining pace with more and more wealth coming its way. Not to forget that both these features are Disney creations, therefore ultimately these collections are being directed to the sole creative powerhouse. It probably seems like the ‘Stars are working for Disney’ as the production house has seen only an uphill graph in its collection right from its 2013 feature Frozen followed by Big Hero 6 in 2014, Cinderella in 2015 and now Zootopia and The Jungle Book in 2016. Thus, Disney is surely having a profitable wealthy time which aims to be a thorough reward for its creative and technical animation and live action storytelling approach.