‘Joker’ to stream on Amazon Prime Video from 20 April

Seems the quarantine phase is going to turn out fruitful for Joker fans, as Amazon Prime Video is all set to stream the Oscar winning film.  Joker, which fetched Joaquin Phoenix his first Oscar for Best Actor at the 76th Academy Awards, is going to be the third Academy Award winning film on the platform after Parasite and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Amazon Prime Video took to its social media handles to announce the news with a gif-emoji. Joker was released in India on 2 October 2019, and will be streaming on Amazon Prime 20 April onwards. Directed and written by Todd Philips, Joker features a troubled struggling comedian Arthur Fleck, who goes on to become the infamous Joker of Gotham City after being bullied and abused. The film received phenomenal critical acclaim as well as box-office success. Phoenix also won the Best Actor award at almost every film award ceremony this year, including the Golden Globes, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild Award.
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker