‘James Bond Origin’: a comic book series on the secret agent’s teenage life

Dynamite Entertainment brings to us a new comic book series titled James Bond Origin about everyone’s favourite secret agent, James Bond and will explore his life before the iconic movie series, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Written by Jeff Parker with illustrations by Bob Q, the story rewinds back to March 1941, where teen Bond visits a family friend and is interrupted by the devastating German attacks on UK during World War 2. “It’s a weighty challenge to reverse-engineer this icon into a young man on a life’s journey of danger, but [editor] Nate Cosby paired me up with Bob Q, who not only brings the gravitas of war in 1941 Europe but nails the promising hero in his youth. James doesn’t have the vast experience of a double-O agent yet, but he’s tenacious and a lightning-quick study. Bob and I work to show the full force of Bond’s spirit,” said Parker in a statement from the publisher. James Bond Origin No. 1 will be released digitally and in comic book stores in September.