VFX It's Christmas time! Here are 7 VFX-heavy Christmas movies to watch -

It’s Christmas time! Here are 7 VFX-heavy Christmas movies to watch

It’s the Holiday season once again! We can hear the Christmas bells tolling and the movie-sledge dashing through the snow to make its way into your watch list specially curated to suit the Christmas vibe.

When it comes to the warm and fuzzy Christmas movies, VFX are not normally the foremost thing that dawns on us but VFX undeniably plays a huge role in make the experience magical. There are some extraordinarily well-made Christmas movies with VFX that are worth watching.

1) Fred Claus

When it comes to effects and environments, MPC always takes the lead. The look of the film has a very stylized Christmas feel and the CGI quotient spruces up the experience of watching it. A must watch Christmas movie for Christmas lovers.

2) A Christmas Carol

Still the finest adaptation of Charles Dickens’ legendary tale, this superb 1951 feature charts the familiar Christmas Eve ordeal of nasty miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim), who’s visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.

3)  Batman Returns

Before you go grinch on me, It is really a Christmas movie with some rad VFX enhancing the visuals!
When Max, an entrepreneur, and criminal Penguin team up to wreak havoc in Gotham City, Batman decides to stop them. Catwoman’s alter ego, Selina Kyle, seeks revenge on Max for trying to kill her.

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This movie has carved a special place in our hearts. While Jim Carrey in his awesome prosthetic and costume is the true star of this movie, you can see tremendous amount of VFX work. Digital Domain have infused stylistic sets, and extended them with CGI to create an immersive fantasy land that is a treat to watch.

5)  The Man Who Invented Christmas 

In 1843 London, author Charles Dickens finds himself in financial trouble after writing three unsuccessful novels in a row. The movies beautifully depicts the 19th century visuals.

6) Iron Man 3 (2013)

Yes, even this counts as a Christmas movie, and yes, it probably tops every other movie on this list, but come on. If it is Weta Digital doing the VFX, and you can rest assured about the spell-binding visuals.

Impressive compositing, animation, and simulation work that went into this movie, coupled with the elements of the season sprinkled in, it makes for a thrilling experience.

7) The Christmas Chronicles

From photo-real reindeer taking flight through a Northern Lights night sky to a sprightly cast of CG elves, Method Studios Vancouver helped bring the fanciful holiday tale to life, with artists led by Method VFX Supervisor Hamish Schumacher.

So sink back into your sofa, pour some hot coffee, set up your Christmas tree, kindle a fire, and enjoy all the VFX goodness this season has to offer.