VFX Isle of Dogs to be a delightful experience

‘Isle of Dogs’ is set to give a delightful experience to the audience

Filmmaker Wes Anderson’s upcoming one-of-a-kind stop-motion capture animation film Isle of Dogs will be hitting the Indian theatres soon. After being successfully lauded and critically acclaimed by critics and audiences in other parts of the world, the film with its stellar ensemble cast and the engaging storyline is set to entertain the Indian audiences and film connoisseurs.

The film which takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Megasaki revolves around a story of a young boy who goes in search for his dog after being banished to an island post an illness outbreak. Though humans play integral characters in the story, dogs of all colours, shapes, and sizes are the ones who steal the show in the film. Isle of Dogs, comprising a star-studded cast and 240 micro sets has a total of 1,000 clay puppets. Based on various observations and analysis of filming the pups, Anderson along with Andy Gent, the head of the puppets department used clay to sculpt clay dog puppets. Out of the 1,000 clay puppets created with more than 70 artists on the puppet team, 500 puppets were humans and 500 were dogs.

Among the main cast who voice the central characters in the film, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) voices the character of the alpha dog, Chief while Bill Murray plays Boss, a former basketball mascot. Koyu Rankin voices Atari, the 12-year-old adventurer, and pilot while Scarlett Johansson voices Nutmeg, a high-pedigree pup with Edward Norton voicing Rex.

Directed by Anderson, Isle of Dogs will be released in theatres across India on 6 July 2018 by Fox Star Studios through specialty distribution company Runaway-Luminosity Distribution.