VFX International buyers converge at India’s first B2B AVGC Summit in Bengaluru -

International buyers converge at India’s first B2B AVGC Summit in Bengaluru

Replete with enthusiasm, the Regency halls of ITC Windsor Manor in Bengaluru played host to India’s very first B2B Summit, curated specifically for the AVGC sector. Organised by ABAI in association with the Govt. of Karnataka, the event attracted around 21 buyers from around the globe and with over 100 indigenous pitches, the summit brought together professionals from all corners of the AVGC industry into play.

A crisp schedule of one on one pitches with buyers gave away time for the buyers to take on the mantle of speakers as well, wherein they took to the stage to share their experiences and provide insights on what people should keep in mind while trying to sell or pitch their products. As Australia based Mighty Serious CEO Al Gibb said, “We are not only here to buy, we’re here to share our experiences with everyone, which in turn would be beneficial!”

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Animation World Network’s Dan Sarto spoke about how the roots have to be strengthened in order to create better talent and hence better products. Focusing on the education in the AVGC sector and how it should be provided utmost care, he also praised the B2B Summit and how trusted networks like this will help foster a better ecosystem.

Antony Reed from the Game Developers Association of Australia spoke about the gaming industry in Australia and how the active support from the government and the passionate developers helped rebuild its gaming scene from a mere 300 individuals to a strong 2000 in a brief amount of time. Further focusing on creating IPs, he said that Australia contributes to very less in the gaming consumer base but is still strong on creating original content, barely opting for outsourced work.

In between the sessions we caught up with some of the sellers and buyers to get their initial feedback. With each seller getting 15 minutes on the clock to pitch their product to potential buyers, the schedule was packed but organised in a way to give everyone the opportunity. The same resonated with the words of Disney India director DCVI and animation development Ravindran Acharya, “The event is a positive move for India and Indian studios. They are getting an international exposure and also it is a win-win for both the buyers and the sellers. The event is very well organised and will be favourable for the future of the AVGC industry in the country”

It was not only the buyers who seemed content, among the sellers, Aum Animation CEO Vivek Bolar expressed, “Attention to details and open mindedness to extend the opportunity to not only Karnataka but all around India was really good. We are very impressed.”

BBC’s Aubrey Clarke spoke about the recent trend of digital consumptions and that even being a traditional broadcaster, how they came about with IPlayer and are even looking at digital first content.

Just B’s Justine Bannister shared her views on how technology enhancements are driving the trends in the industry. She says, “As the OTT market booms, it is also becoming more and more saturated, which however might be good for content creators as they have more options to look for when selling their products.”

The Who’s Who panel consisting of Zia Bales, Dominic Gardiner and Tim Searle, which was being curated by Alison Warner touched upon a broad array of subjects concerning the kids’ content sector. From 360 degree approaches to co-productions and technical necessities to storytelling, the panel covered it all. The takeaway from the discussion was that this is the best time to create or get into the kids’ content market, however Bales pointed out that IPs are to be culturally specific but still has to be created in a way that it has an international appeal.

Karnataka IT BT and Tourism minister Priyank Kharge

Vince Baertsoen from The Mill showcased their creation titled Blackbird. Created in association with Epic Games, the product will assist users in editing and putting FX in realtime, cutting off the cost and time of post production processes significantly.

With the day almost coming to an end, the attendees were paid a visit by the IT BT and Tourism minister of Karnataka Priyank Kharge. With ABAI president Biren Ghosh completing the welcome note, the minister himself took the stage to address the packed hall of audience consisting of buyers, sellers and enthusiasts alike.

The minister shared that how a casual conversation during the latest edition of GAFX about making Bangalore the creative capital of the city became what we were experiencing. He appreciated the efforts of ABAI to follow up on that idea and making the Bengaluru B2B AVGC Summit a reality. He further focused on how it’s not only disruption in the ecosystem that has to be materialised, creation is equally important. He exulted, “I would love to see more such events throughout the country and Bengaluru can be the anchor to it.”

The minister also announced that day after tomorrow, Rs. 22 crore ( would be invested among 111 start ups who showed promise in the government’s Elevate 100 start-up project. It is to be noted that the government had, during GAFX, announced Rs. 50 lakh to a number of studios who create original IPs. Standing by his words, the minister further encouraged indigenous creators to make original content and expressed that he would love to see original content go global.

With ABAI bringing in several requests in a wish list, urging the minister to further look into various areas including infrastructure, policy and more, the minister was almost instantaneous and gave a positive nod to all of them which included the much anticipated Center of Excellence for the AVGC sector in the city.

Sharing his thoughts about the event’s turn-up, Bengaluru B2B AVGC Summit Curator Biren Ghose said, “Exceeeding expectations, the B2B AVGC Summit was off to a rollicking start. The global panel of 21 buyers fed off the enthusiasm of about 100 pitchers. The Hon. Minister Priyank Kharge made a sparkling presentation on the initiatives that would spur Bengaluru to become the next creative capital of digital India. He responded to ABAI’s wish list instantaneously and assured the packed hall of greater support for the sector going forward.”