VFX Infinity War's Thanos receives Logan-esque tribute in a fan made clip

Infinity War’s Thanos receives Logan-esque tribute in a fan made clip

Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest MCU roll-out to date and also the highest grosser worldwide with over $2 billion raked in at the box-office. And now just days ahead of the movie’s digital release, a fan-made tribute to its pantomime Thanos has surfaced online.

The contrived clip is a Logan-style tribute to the Mad Titan that features the song Hurt by Johnny Cash as seen in the last year’s film’s trailers. But here, the amazingly soulful rendition takes us through some of the best moments of MCU’s biggest villain from the film, right from explaining Gamora about his evil intent in his ship, to throwing her off the clip to acquire the soul stone; from the ‘war’ in Wakanda, to confronting the Avengers towards the climax. Some of the visions are ripped off from the official trailers of the film.

However, this isn’t the first time such a video has appeared as the first of its kind surfaced online just days ahead of Infinity War‘s release in April. Moreover, this phenomenon of satiring Logan‘s promotional materials was started by the directors themselves, as Anthony and Joe Russo posted a mock photo of the movie’s poster on Facebook with a young Gamora’s hand being held by Thanos’ giant purple hand as seen in the trailers.

The DVD and Blu-Ray version of Avengers: Infinity War releases on 14 August 2018.