Indus Vox Media and The Spartan Poker launch the first ever poker podcast from India ‘Mera Kaam Poker’

India’s leading poker gaming portal, The Spartan Poker, has partnered with the largest audio content creators in the country Indus Vox Media to launch the first-ever poker podcast ‘Mera Kaam Poker’. Indus Vox Media has produced many audio shows across genres that have reached out to audiences across spheres. Recognised among patrons and poker lovers alike, The Spartan Poker is the most trustworthy poker gaming portal in India. Taking the poker industry to new heights with the first-of-its-kind poker awards and now they have announced the launch of the first ever poker podcast titled ‘Mera Kaam Poker’. Bringing stories, tips and tricks of the game, the podcast is produced by Indus Vox Media and co-hosted by Peter Abraham (co-founder of the India Poker Championship and The Spartan Poker) along with EIC’s Azeem Banatwala. Going beyond the annoying Facebook game requests and wall graffiti, Poker is an ever-evolving game with a huge community of players who love playing the game for a bunch of different reasons. The podcast ‘Mera Kaam Poker’ will be a fun and freewheeling chat about poker, how the game is beyond conventional skill-based sports and other aspects of the game. The podcast is being aired on a weekly basis starting from 20 September. With 6 episodes in its first season, well known personalities from the poker industry will appear on the show along with the hosts Peter and Azeem to share some of their personal experiences and their poker journeys. The podcast will air on the IVM podcast channel on iTunes and SoundCloud as well as on for poker enthusiasts. Expressing his excitement on the new association, Amin Rozani, MD and co-founder, The Spartan Poker said, “I look forward to hearing the first episode of the ‘Mera Kaam Poker’ podcast. With this content, we hope to share experiences and stories of some of poker’s biggest names. This podcast is twice as exciting for us as it brings exciting content and is co-hosted by a co-founder and dear friend, Peter Abraham.” Amit Doshi, Founder of Indus Vox Media, added – “Mera Kaam Poker is our first branded podcast and we are very excited to associate with The Spartan Poker for this show. It is a forward thinking brand and they can see the growing possibilities of branded content in the digital audio space. We are always enthused to work with brands who are willing to think outside the box and believe in the power of this medium. Through this podcast, we are further expanding our audiences by reaching out to poker enthusiasts. The two hosts Peter and Azeem are dear friends who know in depth about the subject and will add a new dimension to the show.” Expressing his exuberance on the launch of the country’s first poker podcast, Peter Abraham, co-founder of the India Poker Championship and The Spartan Poker, said, “I am really excited and thrilled to be a part of Mera Kaam Poker. Getting an opportunity to co-host with one of India’s finest comedians Azeem Bannatwala adds to the fun element we want to bring to a sport which can sometimes get a little too serious and technical. I have been associated with poker for years now but with this podcast, The Spartan Poker is giving a new identity to the poker industry. I look forward to work with Azeem and meet my friends from the industry on the show while bridging the gap between the game and its players both old and new.”     Comedian Azeem Bannatwala said” It feels amazing to be a part of this unique venture. Mera Kaam Poker is going to be great and hopefully reach out all the poker lovers all over the country. Although I have done a few podcasts earlier but this poker podcast is new and I look forward to the audiences’ response to it. The poker industry has many interesting people and even more interesting stories. It has been an exciting journey to meet and interact with them during our interviews. Co-hosting with one of the poker pioneers, Peter Abraham, has been great and I hope to learn a lot more about the sport.”