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Indie Comix Fest coming to Mumbai on 1 May 2018!

Following the glorious year of 2017 that witnessed a gamut of new comics hitting the stands, it’s time we usher in the next range of stories waiting to be told. And Indie Comix Fest is returning for its 2018 edition to provide just the platform that these comics need!

The fest debuted in October last year to an unprecedented reception from the fans who gathered in numbers to bask in the pleasure of not only the new releases, but also comic merchandises and other commodities on sale.

This, apparently, was the driving factor behind the second edition, that has coming knocking at the doorstep. Pulpocracy co-founder and Indie Comix Fest co-organiser Kailash Iyer says, “After an encouraging response last time, the Indie Comix Fest Mumbai is back with its second edition on the 1 May 2018, at the YMCA Colaba. The event is a contemporary cultural melting pot with over 25 comic book artists, writers, illustrators and self-publishing labels displaying their wares. Anthologies, serialised floppies, hand-pressed zines, fold-out comics, screen-printed comics, posters, and a ton of other self-published content will be seen at the fest.”

The Indie Comix Fest was put together by Bharath Murthy, Aniceto Pereira, Kailash Iyer and Chaitanya Modak, as a platform for the celebration of self-published comics. The Indie Comix Fest, organised together with a bunch of volunteers on a non-profit basis, hopes to bring artist and reader together to share and showcase comics as a genuine form of popular cultural expression.

Some of the new releases lined up at the fest are:

Monky Ink Blots by Ahmed Sikander: A compilation of short and humorous comics and gags of his take on his experience in life, working in the creative industry, and traveling.

Rhyme Fighters vol one-three by Abhijeet Kini: A series that chronicles everyday people of Mumbai as superheroes, with the narratives in rhymes.

Doctor Endo’s Gallery of Amusing Thoughts by Karthik Narasimhan: A guerrilla artist on a mission roams the artistic underground, sowing discord and finding inspiration.

Aaj Ka Tazaa Scribble by Omkar Mahashabde: A collection of movie & TV series spoofs and parodies.

Circuit Therapy: The Code of Light by Rahul Bhandare:  A science fiction comic about three robots who have crash-landed on a mysterious planet.

Capacious Chair (Who Ate My Eggs & The Next Morning) by Amit Kaikini: An extended version of the nine panel comic that the artist published on Instagram previously, exploring the relationship between a chair and an unidentified ‘alien’ creature.

OCTA by Blue Jackal: An anthology comic with eight contributors.

Wild Tales for Weird Minds by Shrabani Dasgupta and Manmeet Sandhu: A collection of one page stories that cover a range of topics like love, angst, anxiety, gender and life in general.

The Butterfly Effect by Archit Vaze: About a moment of self realization in this crazy rat race that takes place in all metro cities.

Saturday Comix by Won-Tolla: A collection of comics by the students of Maulana Azad School, Dharavi, first time comic creators who’ve themselves written and drawn.