India’s Vimobin Labs is betting heavy on cloud gaming

As we enter a new decade, we are observing maturity in the Indian gaming industry. Especially when it comes to gaming hardware has already started shaping the gaming space. But how many of us can access these hardware? Cloud gaming technology which was until last year not so reachable for the gaming community is on the verge in changing the mindset. Many of us are unaware of the fact that in today’s time everything under online world is based out of cloud. The biggest example will be the last decade – from booking cabs, to shopping online, to watch content online everything has been disrupted by cloud technology. Last decade was the time when entire community was dominated by cloud technology and gaming was no exception. Last  year the big players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, Paytm rushed to adapt the cloud technology for gaming sector. With high speed data connection, the gaming space is evolving and it has opened doors for some startups to experiment with unique ideas for cloud gaming. Bangalore based startup Vimobin Labs  is one such technology company which has recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from FirstCheque with participation of angel investors such as Ranjit Radhakrishnan (CPO, Byjus), Farooq Adam (cofounder, Fynd), Shubh Malhotra (cofounder, Mobile Premier League (MPL)), Aprameya Radhakrishnan (CEO, Vokal, Ex CEO – TaxiForSure) and Aaryaman Vir from Prophetic Ventures to explore and evolve the cloud gaming scene in India.
Vimobin Labs co-founder and CEO Nikhil Prasad
In conversation AnimationXpress Vimobin Labs co-founder and CEO Nikhil Prasad shared   that gaming space in India has grown very fast and they are aiming to build the future of gaming which will revolutionise how games are consumed by the next billion gamers. He also added that they are aiming, “To offer gaming experience to the user who doesn’t have access to the right hardware. Today games are being made thinking of  the bigger gaming market like U.S South Korea, Japan and the average cost of the devices sold over in these countries are usually $400 to $500. Game developers are making games like PUBG and Fortnite and others keeping in mind to the hardware specifications of those gaming market. However the India story is different and the average cost of phone which are sold in India are $150 and it is drastically low, last year in Q3 the average phone sold was under Rs 12000 and therefore, the buying part is different. Then it’s become hard for Indian players to download and enjoy hardcore game uninterruptedly.” Then he cited an example how during his computer gaming days owning a proper GPU was a dream. So to simplify the hardware hindrances Vimobin “is currently working on the technology where players can access heavy games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Age of Empires and others on cloud via one app, without worrying the phone space and the hardware specification  instead of downloading separate applications, which are too heavy for an average Android phone.” Speaking of the market he highlighted the fact that the biggest hindrance right now in India with cloud gaming  is lack of awareness, players are finding hard to conceptualise the  idea, users impulse which will simplify and become easier  for audience to consume cloud gaming  with time. With the idea to make the ecosystem ready  for cloud gaming  Vimobin is currently expanding with new hires.