VFX India's first IP based play zone, Tingaland will be open for the kids soon in Delhi NCR

India’s first IP based play zone, Tingaland now open in Delhi NCR

Tinga Dojo, a green superhero dog has arrived to make the planet green and tackle climate change. The completely new IP will be represented by Animation International India, a renowned name in content licensing and syndication industry across Asia. This global firm has been successfully creating and managing IPs like Doremon and have chosen this Indian IP now with a global vision of taking it to the next level.

The character has been conceptualised by promoters Diamond Toons with a cumulative experience of 100 years in talking to kids, consumers and brands alike. This collaboration will result in knowledge filled adventurous comics, story books and animation series for kids.

“Being the experts of licensing business, Animation India is the only firm which can take this character to the global level. In the coming years, we see Tinga Dojo as a successful Indian IP making an impact worldwide taking new age kids on an experiential and digital journey,” mentioned Diamond Toons director Manish Verma.

Tinga Dojo is a new age character for gen Z or centennials who are always curious and hyperactive. As today’s new age kids have absolutely new media consumption habits, it aims to establish an IP which would help the kids to grasp knowledge through fun learning of STEM and space adventure.

Earlier IPs were created out of books,comics,television and other conventional mediums, but for today’s generation it has to be experience based. “The play zone is thus helping us to bring out the character live and real in front of kids ensuring maximum engagement,” Verma said.

Tingaland is the first IP based play zone. With full media and merchandise support, it is not only bringing the character alive but is also reaching to children. It’s the first unwired playzone in Delhi NCR area, which offers unique and best birthday experiences. The team has also introduced the never seen before night camping activity for the kids.  With the theme of experiential learning, Tingaland – a magical land is conceptualised around various fun zones facilitated with safe and free play for kids, nurturing their creativity and imagination. It helps kids to improve their endurance with a plethora of games to choose from.

Speaking on the collaboration, Animation International India director Nitin Kalra said, Our alliance with Diamond to create the character IP is our first such initiative in India and we are extremely delighted and happy that our values and thoughts matched perfectly with the team at Diamond and that we are able to create an IP that can be expanded globally. Through our network of international offices, we hope to make Tinga Dojo a reputed name in the character licensing business. The success of Indian IPs at the international level is well known and we are confident that Tinga Dojo will be yet another feather in the cap from India.”  

“Tingaland play zone is the first licensee of this IP and with licensed products like passport, currency, pin badges and many other products. Starting with an experiential play-zone already in place, the IP will be soon seen on Youtube. “We will soon introduce the concept of mobile birthdays or mobile party squads – Tinga Go, the party place on the go for the first time in India. Our overall strategy will be to cover the new age media moving on to conventional mediums,” added Verma.

Tinga DOJO, is not your average superhero dog. In Fact he is extraordinary in every way. He is a friendly alien dog; however, he has no masters, he is actually the prince of TINGALAND. He has many friends from across the galaxy including some kids from earth. Tinga has been on many adventures to help his friends across the galaxy.

Tinga DOJO, is from Tingaland, a planet of adventure. It is the fourth planet in Galaxy 9. People for all over the universe come to Tingaland for vacation and fun. Tinga Welcomes them and helps them have a good time. Galaxy 9 is also known for Planet Bo. Various evil creatures live on this planet and want to take over Tingaland from Tinga Dojo.

Animation International India is one of the most renowned and respected names in the content licensing and syndication industry across Asia which has been active for the last four decades having global presence with offices in 15 countries. They are the pioneers in launching brand licensing programs in India representing character IPs like Doraemon, ShinChan, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin and Purple Turtle to name a few. Presently the company is overseeing India, SAARC and MENA Region from their headquarters at Mumbai.