Indian kids channel, Infobells among the Top 50 channels on YouTube

Indian kids YouTube channel, Infobells from Infobells Interactive Solutions, has found a place among the Top 50 channels on YouTube.  Helmed by Kuber Natarajan and his wife Jayalakshmi Kuber, Infobells Solutions offers the simplest learning solutions for young children with colourful videos and captivating music to keep them hooked. The creative and interactive videos introduce various concepts easily in a fun way that makes a lasting impact. Elated on the news, Natarajan shared, “I feel immensely happy to know about this and feel our efforts are getting rewarded. It’s a total team effort with my wife Jayalakshmi being the creative head, as we always believe to implant some moral message in every single video in an entertaining way that is fun yet has a message the little ones can absorb.” The Infobells YouTube channel provides endless edutainment and act as a bridge to develop great bonding between parents and their little ones, where they engage in singing and playing together. Best known for creating short form content of three minutes inspired from Indian folk lores, rhymes and morals in different languages, the team is currently working on new longer episodes. “It is based on the adventures of little kids, which they encounter during the young years during schooling, which we feel that our primary target audience can easily and emotionally get associated and engaged. It is in the pre production stage right now,” added he. The studio has created a sizeable number of followers through their infotainment videos on YouTube. The Infobells channel collectively has over 44 Million subscribers making it the largest regional edutainment channel in India. The interactive videos are dubbed in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, so that children remain connected to their roots. Altogether, Infobells channel has a massive following of approx 50 million views daily. Featuring popular characters, the channel’s regional rhymes are sure to capture and stimulate the minds of young ones. Rhymes instill local cultural and moral values will grab the child’s attention instantly and make them watch again and again. Noted he on the importance of regional content, “We focused mainly towards the regional content to showcase and bring to the front the hidden traditional values and morals to the kids of the current generation, who were more inclined towards English language. All our lead animated characters has an Indian touch in their appearances and costumes, which appeals to young kids greatly. We didn’t foresee a big growth when we started developing regional content, but with the growing digital data consumption in the rural places,now we are able to reach out to the mass audience.” Infobells’ characters Chinnu, Chitti, Pappu and Lalaji from The Adventures of Chinnu & Crazy Pappu are hugely popular and have a massive following among kids as for the trio’s new adventures or songs to entertain them. Now with this feather to its cap, Infobells Solutions’ mission is to create better, attractive and creative products that help children imbibe cultural and moral values.