VFX Indian delegation gets first pavilion at ACE Fair Korea -

Indian delegation gets first pavilion at ACE Fair Korea

VirtualSoft Technologies Chandigarh has scaled up the participation from India to the Gwangju Ace Fair this year which commences from 21-24 September in South Korea. The delegation is headed by Dean Chitkara University and VirtualSoft director Vineet Raj Kapoor. This is the largest Indian delegation to participate in Gwangju Ace Fair till date. It has resulted in an Indian Pavilion for the first time at the Korean confab.

Vineet Raj Kapoor

VirtualSoft worked with Indiantelevision.com group’s AnimationXpress and Ankur Bhasin of MEAI and other sources to bring together more than 20 Indian delegates.

Indiantelevision.com group director of commercial & revenues Anoop Wanvari says, “It is a great initiative by Vineet. He has been a regular attendee over the past few years. This year he has managed to put up a big delegation working closely with the AnimationXpress team, MEAI and Gina Lee from the Ace Fair team. AnimationXpress is a fabulous platform which connects the global animation Vfx, comics, gaming, and virtual reality sectors with Indian players. The Indiantelevision.com group does media partnerships with several international exhibitions and these have served the organisers well. I also have had the experience of attending Ace Fair for two years – being a speaker at one of them – and it offers a very cost-effective package for international and Indian buyers and sellers to interact with the Korean market.”

Vineet Raj Kapoor has been participating in Ace Fair since its inception and had been dismayed at the minuscule Indian participation in what has now become one of the most important Asian fairs on the world content circuit. He shares, “Last year I was approached by Ace Fair to help them boost a depleting Indian squad. I reached out and added seven exhibitors in seven days. Then Ace Fair requested me to form and lead the Indian delegation. The target was simple: to cross 15 participants for the first time. It took months of toil and connect as we were new to this space.

“We networked with different stakeholders across India. The end result is that more than 20 Indian companies came forward and the Indians got their own pavilion. I am happy that my little contribution fructified into a step towards larger Indian-Korean collaboration among other gains.”

“This all would not have been possible with the round the clock assistance provided by the Ace Fair team, especially Gina Lee,” he further adds.

Coordinator of the Indian delegation Bikramjit Singh finds that Ace Fair is the most affordable way for an Indian Indie Studio to learn about international content markets. He says, “With a package costing less than a lakh of rupees including air ticket, hotel and stall, there is no way you can find an easier way to interact with international buyers. I thank MEAI and AnimationXpress for their support for the delegation.”

Delegates from India:

1. 7Mantle Studios, Michele Sereno

2. Bhasin Studios, Sushil Bhasin

3. Drum Attack, Brijesh Sereno

4. Encore Films, Ankur Bhasin

5. iLO Entertainment, Rinu K.R. and Aruna Kumar

6. Jugnu Kids, Kamal Pahuja

7. Pencillati Studios, Vivek Singh Sidhu

8. Pencillati Interactive, Tarun Jain

9. Rocksalt Interactive Games, Deepak Jadhav

10. Global Contents Bazar, Ramesh Meer

11. Anibrain, Shambhu Phalke

12. Vijay Kumar, Satya Creations

13. Blue Stone Films, Nishan Singh

14. Shanmugraj, Hula Studios

15. Vineet Raj Kapoor, VirtualSoft Technologies