‘Incredibles 2’ review: With Super mom Elastigirl icing the sequel, baby Jack-Jack is the cherry on the top

After Disney’s love towards the many princess launched, Elastigirl is a proper mix of mother and a lady at work! Balancing the work and life, she rightly defines how feminism differs from women empowerment. With a mother’s heart always at home with her kids, she definitely never let it hamper her work. A supportive husband, good kids and passion can help you lead your way towards your destiny, and that’s what Incredibles 2 is all about. The Parr couple comes in contact with Winston Deavor(Bob Odenkirk) and the drama begins.  Deavor is a superhero fan and a telecommunications tycoon, owning a company called Devtech. He offers Frozone (Samuel Jackson) to bring in himself, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and help them restore the official status of Supers to legal. Dash and Violet with the super Super, Jack-Jack who has not one or two, but 17 powers to play with bring back the nostalgia. It’s not difficult to foresee the character development in this sequel where director Brad Bird has smartly retained things that worked for part one with a hint of some refreshing elements, making part two stand out. Craig Nelson maybe 74 years old but manages to bring Mr. Incredible alive on the screen. Teaming him is his perfect partner Elastigirl, played by Holly Hunter retaining the same quirkiness and apt motherly instincts. Helen Parr steals the show with her witty yet caring talks and am already having a girl crush on her. Huck Milner and Sarah Vowell, the voices behind for Dash and Violet respectively, manage to evoke laughs with the well written sibling dialogues. But, Jack-Jack steals the limelight with his cute laughter every single time. Eli Ducile made the audience go aww! with the super cute voice of Jack-Jack. The audience left the theatre with all love and praises for him and girls wanting to take him home. Pixar portrays a life lesson with a single line, which is the crux of the entire film, where Edna says to Bob, “Done properly, parenting is heroic” And that’s what the film offers. A family just like us yet different! The supers show us all how being together and working together can make things easier. Be it bashing an Underminer, finding out the Screenslaver or even fighting back a raccoon or fixing out your daughter’s relationship. With an actual family drama, worth your time and money, Bird gifts back our childhood to us in the most entertaining way with Incredibles 2 after a wait of 14 long years. But it was all worth it!