In-game reward will unlock by playing ‘Fortnite’ trivia in Houseparty app

Popular video chatting app Houseparty has announced a new Fortnite trivia deck in a series of tweets. Since last year House Party was acquired by Epic Games last year, the Houseparty team is now collaborating with Fortnite. According to the collaboration whoever with Fortnite account can participate and during the challenge will get a chance to receive the Fryangles Wrap if the trivia challenge is completed. Epic Game’s blog mentions that, “Anyone with the Houseparty app can participate, and anyone with a Fortnite account during the challenge will receive the Fryangles Wrap if the challenge is completed” . The information at hand is that it’s a global community goal, and rewards will also be global if the goal is reached.   In a series of tweets, the Houseparty team announced a new Fortnite trivia deck, while the Fortnite account said that all players would get an in-game reward if there were 20 million correct answers about Fortnite by 16 April. The trivia game can be played in the Chrome browser, or by downloading Houseparty for mobile or macOS, and while the app is designed for playing party games and chatting with friends, the trivia game can also be played alone.