Here are the glimpses of ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ S3 Tokyo Escape’s new modes, maps, weapons and more

Like the bloom of cherry blossoms in the spring, Call of Duty Mobile Season Three Tokyo Escape kicked off for all players of COD Mobile across the world. The season brings in the Japanese theme to the popular multiplayer and battle royale game with elements such as swords, samurai, ninjas set in the backdrop of Sakura season in some maps.

Call of Duty Mobile drops the season with two new maps, characters, weapons, comics and so on. The Tokyo Escape Battle Pass features 50 brand-new tiers of free and premium content including new weapons, operators, blueprints, charms, calling cards, emotes, and COD Points. A player may progress through the tiers and acquire the rewards by playing the game and crossing the tiers.

Unlike last season this season has not offered any special characters for the non battle pass players. The new characters that can be achieved through battle pass and premium drops are as follows – Hidora Kai (The boss), Sentinel Recon-Shotgun, Mace, Scarlett Rhodes-Cutthroats, Takeo Sensei, Spectre Ninja. The battle pass players can unlock the new Operator, Hidora Kai – The Boss, right at Tier One, alongside the Type 25 – Oni, the Showdown Calling Card, and the Hannya Charm. Keep progressing through the tiers to earn COD Points, the card armor camo series, the way the sword emote, and more.

For non-battle pass players, the season has introduced the new Operator Skill Bull Charge which will unlock at Tier 14, and spray a hail of fire using the new PP19 Bizon submachine gun unlocked at Tier 21. The Bull Charge is essentially a defence shield that players can use to plough through enemy players. However the shield exposes the player on the side but also lets them use the pistol with the shield up. Apart from this, the Season Three update also brings in a new battle royale class called Spotter. The Spotter class offers both offensive and defensive capabilities to players, in that, players can call in cluster strikers, show nearby enemies and increase rocket launcher reload speed as well. This battle royale class will be available through a featured event later in the season. Other free tier items include the Samurai Tuna Charm, the Samurai Chop Calling Card, the Severed camo series, and more.

PP19 Bizon is an SMG that is available at battle pass Tier 21 and has a fast fire rate, low recoil and reloads quickly. It is recommended for use in close-quarter combats. It has a damage rate of 38, fire rate of 80 with an accuracy of 60. Meanwhile, the Renetti is a fast-firing pistol with high recoil and will be added to the game in future updates. The pistol can be paired with primary weapons that have a slow fire rate such as snipers and more

The season brings in two maps Oasis and Coastal. Coastal is a small map for multiplayer games and is currently available in the Chinese version of CODM. It has been specifically designed for Search & Destroy multiplayer games and it has a mixture of indoor and outdoor locations in this map. Coastal is set in a cozy sea town where the skies are clear and the weather is perfect for competition. Fight outdoors across broad, paved lanes, or weave through the map’s indoor locations on your way to the next target.

First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Oasis sets the scene in a luxurious desert hotel. This medium sized map challenges Operators to battle it out across the hotel courtyard, spa, and parking lot, using every opportunity to outflank and outsmart opponents. Oasis is a close-to-mid-range combat map that is filled with narrow corridors, fountains and more. The map has a desert theme going for itself and is also hosting a Desert Sanctuary event for players to collect some rewards. Players will be able to jump right into Oasis from the featured tab in the multiplayer mode titled Oasis 24/7 Playlist. The map has little similarities with Valorant’s Bind map; the scope of this map is wide and it is currently available for Random mode of games. The carving and the architecture of the map gives a surreal effect with Moroccan vibe because it is so detailed and has clean graphics.

The map allows scope to hide, kill and defend enemies with strategy and it is difficult to choose the sweet spot and kill enemies from the same place. The only protip I can share is just keep moving because of the complexity of the map, enemies can attack from anywhere.

Here is the video of the gameplay and the glimpses of the season:

  Call of Duty Mobile official post also confirmed that it will launch its new modes later in this season. “Compete in new Multiplayer playlists with the introduction of Swords & Stones and Night Modes, arriving later in S3. In Swords & Stones, operators deploy with melee weapons and grenades only. Take out enemies for a boost to your movement and attack speed, and fight for the shadow blade operator skill when it airdrops onto the map. Equip battery-charged night vision goggles in the updated Night Modes. Land your kills when the light’s still on, then slink away when it’s time for a recharge. Stay sharp and listen for every step in the shadows.”

Like other CODM seasons this season has also introduced a new in-game comics section as well and it adds the extra fresh essence to the game. The comics section has unlocked two episodes currently and more sections will unlock in the coming time.

Overall the season is quite full with new elements, amazing graphics, apt background score, interesting maps, and comics that will keep engaging the players throughout the season. However, I felt since the season is titled as “Tokyo Escape” and the trailer includes a cherry blossom tree symbolising Tokyo during Spring so there should be a map which will resemble Tokyo city may be with the same details shown in the trailer.