HBO drop first footage of much-awaited ‘Game of Thrones’ season eight

Cult fantasy drama Game of Thrones is nearing the end of it’s epic saga, as the fans eagerly await the premier of the eighth and the final season. Slated to release in 2019, the exact date of the show’s start isn’t confirmed yet, but HBO dropped a glimpse of the upcoming season for its anxious fans in a small clip on it’s official Twitter handle. Interspersed between the new visions are some of the occurrences of the seventh season (the legendary flame-throwing Drogon, anyone?), though we could see prominent characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in new visuals from the final season. The action-packed 90-second video also features short glimpses of other shows coming to HBO with its newer seasons, such as Big Little Lies, True Detective, The Deuce, The Shop, Camping, Room 104, My Brilliant Friend, Barry etc. Besides it’s 2019 release, nothing much is known about the details of Game of Thrones’ final season though it has been confirmed that the show would run for only six episodes this time, even fewer than the 7 that aired in the previous season. However, each would last for about two hours and are directed by one of these four directors such as David Nutter, Miguel Sapochnik, D.B Weiss, and David Benioff. Early speculations of the season suggested an April premier, though it is now believed that it’s set to launch in the second-half of the calendar year.