‘Hanuman vs Mahiravana’ gets a video game with the same name

Green Gold Animation, the creators of Chhota Bheem is gearing up for their forthcoming mythological animated release Hanuman vs Mahiravana which showcases the race against time for Hanuman to save Rama and Laxman from the clutches of Mahiravana, the king of the underworld, an evil sorcerer and the brother of Ravana.

However, what remains as a lesser known fact is that the epic animated film is actually inspired by a very popular video game. The film is inspired by the video game Gamaya Legends based on the Indian epic, Ramayana. The game’s theme and content motivated the makers to create a film based on the video game.

Now ahead of the release of Hanuman vs Mahiravana, Green Gold is also launching a video game by the same name. And guess what, the game is already trending online.

Green Gold Animation CEO and founder Rajiv Chilaka explains, “The film Hanuman vs Mahiravana which is based on the story from the epic Ramayana will have an emotional connect and appeal with the audience including kids and adults alike. We are striving to expand the reach and connect by cutting across all age group; hence, we now have a video game based on the epic film which is exciting and very involving.”

Director Ezhil Vendan says, “Being inspired by a kids’ video game, Hanuman Vs Mahiravana has a very relevant message along with the right dose of fun and entertainment which will have a wider connect with younger audiences and also reach out to them on a bigger platform.  The levels in the game are designed to capture the same feeling Hanuman will have when entering the underworld – a maze of pathways and tunnels filled with enemies around every corner.”

Produced by Green Gold Animation and directed by Ezhil Vendan, Hanuman Vs Mahiravana is set to release in 3D and 2D formats across India on 6 July 2018.