Grvaity Comics’ second outing ‘Avtaar’ hits stores this rainy season

There is a new player in the Indian Comics sphere, Gravity comics. Ajay Mathew, founder of the company aims to provide unique and new characters to entertain people globally. Ajay’s debut comic book was ‘Mahatma’ which launched in February this year. Gravity Comics is now coming up with its new comic book ‘Avtaar’. “Avtaar is a story of a 19 years old orphan boy, who spends most of his time playing football and also coaches students in school. One day while on his way back he meets with a strange accident that changes his life forever. He suddenly gains superpowers, but one will have to grab a copy of it to know how and what kind of powers he will possess (gigglesJ),” reveals Gravity Comics founder Ajay Mathew, to Ajay says that people will like this 36 pages comprehensive comic a lot because it has elements of action, humour and romance rolled up in one. “Today’s youth can easily connect themselves to him because he shows off his powers at times and also loves a girl who is older than him,” he adds. The story of Avtaar is written by Ajay; illustrations are by Tarun Kumar Sahu and colouring by Anand Bhaskar. The concept of the comic was proposed by Ajay in the year 2009, but due to lack of experience and fund few publishers refused to bring out his book. But he didn’t lose hope and told himself that he will publish it one day. “After the launch of Mahatma, I decided to bring out Avtaar. I made few changes. In my earlier script I portrayed him to be a serious guy, but Tarun suggested that I make it more humorous and entertaining. So we gave him a new look. ‘Aksh’ aka ‘Avataar’ wears a hi-tech suit that appears automatically on his body as he readies himself to go on a mission,” expounds Ajay. The illustration for the book was done within 60 days; whereas the script took Ajay just over six days. “We are planning to print at least 1,000 copies for the first one month in India, in both Hindi and English languages in equal numbers. Each copy of Avtaar will be priced at Rs 60,” he ends.

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