VFX Green Gold Animation announces to co-produce 'Escape To India' with Muldoloco CGI -

Green Gold Animation announces to co-produce ‘Escape To India’ with Muldoloco CGI

Mundoloco, an animation studio and IP company in Latin America and Green Gold Animation have announced to join hands to co-produce the CG animated feature film Escape To India, based on the novel of the same title written by Marcelo Birmajer and Mundoloco CGI CEO Gaston Gorali.

“We are proud to embark on this new adventure together. We share a dream, a vision, and the obsession for high quality entertainment for families worldwide,” said Gorali.

Mundoloco CGI produces animated TV shows like Mini Beat Power Rockers for Discovery Kids and Bubba and Friends for Disney Jr and with shows like Triviatopia, Floribella, Underdogs, the TV Show currently in development and production, and is set for the next feature film Escape To India with Green Gold Animation which is yet to announce the release date.

From left to right: RK Chand, Gaston Gorali and Rajiv Chilaka

The feature tells the story of Azadi (freedom in Hindi), a young cow born in Patagonia, destined for the slaughterhouse. But she suspects that Indian cows are sacred, enjoy better lives, and more important, are not turned into beef. Azadi sets out an initiatory journey in search of freedom. Escape to India is a story about courage, freedom and finding true destiny.

“It’s a great story idea for audiences worldwide and we are excited to have partnered for this project. We are looking forward to work together and accomplish excellence in visual quality and story-telling in this feature film,” commented Green Gold Animation CEO Rajiv Chilaka.

The film will be produced by Academy award winner Juan Jose Campanella and TV and music producer Cris Morena.