Graphite Lab to launch ‘Hive Jump’ on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Independent video game developer Graphite Lab has announced plans to bring its indie pixel art game Hive Jump to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.  The sci-fi video game is to be released on 11 January 2019 and will be available via digital distribution in both North America and European Union. “Both Nintendo and Microsoft have been incredibly committed to the indie game community, and we are extremely excited they are welcoming Hive Jump to their platforms,” said Graphite Lab owner and studio director Matt Raithel. The indie pixel art game is the first original IP video game created by the lab.  The run-and-gun 2D platform is for one to four players who can control space marines called Jumpers. Each player’s quest is to kill hive-dwelling aliens, avoid the labyrinth’s subterranean traps, collect powerful alien goo, and defeat the hive queen in order to save the galaxy. The developer previously released the game on Steam and on Wii U as part of a kickstarter campaign.  The digital game will cost $9.99 on both platforms and Raithel shared, “we will be able to experience even further growth as we introduce our game to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players.” Graphite Lab has developed titles alongside top publishers like Cartoon Network, Disney, Hasbro and Konami as well as created mobile apps featuring major franchises such as Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony, Tonka, and TransformersHive Jump has been featured at several Nintendo events including the internationally juried IndieCade and national gaming festival PAX.