Golden Matrix: GM-X gaming platform licensed to 24 new gaming operator clients

Golden Matrix Group, a developer and licenser of social gaming platforms, systems and gaming content, said its GM-X gaming platform has been licensed to 24 new gaming operator clients, with over 40 additional such operators expected to license GM-X by the end of next month. These new clients, said Golden Matrix, are expected to produce “significant” incremental GMGI revenue going forward. The announcement follows one made on 18 March stating that the company expected no adverse business impact due to the current coronavirus outbreak. “During these challenging times, which has included the closing of many land-based casinos, Golden Matrix – and other companies in the online gaming sector – are beginning to see an increase in consumer demand for online gaming services.While our heart goes out to all those afflicted by coronavirus, we nonetheless expect the current trend toward online gaming to continue well into the future.We are not surprised by this heightened interest from more operators to adopt our powerful GM-X platform.More and more retail casino establishments are beginning to realize that, to be truly competitive in the gaming industry, they must also have a strong online presence. In the current coronavirus environment, the only way for these operators to engage with their millions of users is through digital means. This is what Golden Matrix brings to the table,” said Golden Matrix CEO Brian Goodman. “ Golden Matrix currently has over 310 gaming operator clients and more than Two million registered end-users worldwide.