Goa based animation studio creates 2D series for Norwegian Brunstad.tv

Based in the beautiful Goa, Fat Hamster Studio provides services ranging from traditional to computer-aided 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, clay-mation and also AR and VR. The studios’ prior work spans short web-based promos to fully animated TV series, TV advertisements, VR amusement park rides, AR product displays and much more. The studio is an amalgamation of art and technology and seeks to create engaging stories through design and avid direction. They have a small core team that focuses on art and storytelling whilst being able to adapt to multiple styles, stories, techniques and more. “We upscale and downscale according to project requirements but the core team steadily grows. We aim to have a diverse team at all times,” said Fat Hamster Studio partner Rohan Ponniah. The team at the studio consists of a fluffy bunch of hamsters (as Ponniah addresses them lovingly). The studio is currently working on an animated kids’ series, Jesus is my Friend for Norwegian streaming platform, Brunstad.tv.  While talking to AnimationXpress, Ponniah said, “We have worked on international projects in the past and with that experience, we always look for ways to refine and aid the creative process of both the clients and ourselves. Working remotely can be tricky but we stick to a through pipeline on feedback and usually face less barriers than would be imagined. All in all, we enjoy working for various clients, be it domestic or international as we love to learn whilst we create.” The series, Jesus is my Friend is based on Jesus’s life. The animation team at Fat Hamster did a great job handling the Norwegian animation. The production did of course have a few hiccups and settling in for us to understand and grow towards in the beginning. We had a great time on the project and learnt many things which we are proud of,” mentioned Ponniah. The latest series created by the studio for the same platform was primarily aimed at Sunday School kids between the ages of five to 13. However, prior to this series, the studio has worked on another Brunstad.tv short that was aimed more towards older teens all the way to adults. Fat Hamster Studio head of sales Judah Fernandez approached Brunstad.tv, knowing that they were looking to produce a lot of animated content. “We worked closely with them on a test project which they found to be very happy with in terms of quality and execution of production between the two companies. Since then we have been working with Brunstad.tv,” added Ponniah. The first season of Jesus is my Friend had its opening episode played at a conference where over 7,000 people watched it live at the venue and over 10,000 streamed it live too. The series has worked phenomenally well at their Sunday School, so much so that they are now translating it into 14 different languages.  Brunstad.tv will be starting a new series in 3D and have chosen Fat Hamster Studio to create the same, looking at their past working experience with the studio. Seems like Indian animation studios are sure making a place in the international market, and we will soon witness a different scenario in the industry. Keep doing the good work fluffy hamsters!