VFX Global Esports drops their 'Dota 2' roster, cites declining viewership as one of the reasons -

Global Esports drops their ‘Dota 2’ roster, cites declining viewership as one of the reasons

Esports in India has been on the rise in the past couple of years. With renowned brands and globally successful esports franchises coming into the country, quite some titles were explored and Indian enthusiasts showed interest.

However, things are taking a turn in a different direction it seems as one of India’s rather known esports brand is dropping its Dota 2 roster. While PUBG Mobile has recently picked up the pace for esports in the country, Dota 2 seems to be losing on viewership. Global Esports, recently announced that they will be bidding farewell to its roster, which consisted of players majorly from the ex-Signify line up. Here is the statement from GE CEO Rushindra Sinha on Facebook:

End of an Era for GE Dota 2

With a very heavy heart we bid farewell to our Dota 2 Roster.
Cumulatively based on the response from the community and the state of Dota 2 in general as a viewer esports there has been a decline of the past few months.
Taking into account everything we have learned from this experience we have decided that we will be stepping down from Dota 2 in India.

We wish all our players luck and have not closed the door on future Dota 2 opportunities. This decision is based on the current scenario and the scene for the last year.

We hope all the Dota 2 fans in India gather and continue supporting the game to the point where it can once again grow to its former glory, GE will be waiting 

Until then,
This is GE,
Signing Off.

Evidently, their name did not pop on the ESL India Winter Split’s list of teams, for Dota 2 which were announced today, however they are still up there on the CS:GO lineup.

The players of the team are some of the best in the Indian Dota 2 circuit. The last major match that GE played was against Indian team Whoops! for the WESG 2020 qualifiers from India, where Whoops! won the game 3:1 in a best of five match.