Glimpses of ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ season six final week

Tencent-led Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile has captured the imaginations of a wide range of audiences with its gaming content in Once upon a time in Rust, Season 6. Call of Duty Mobile recently dropped Huntress draw, final episode of the Wild West comics, along with unlocking a free character in a daily bonus section on 24th day log in. The global pandemic has definitely seen a surge in online gaming as more and more users including women players have taken to this trending activity during the lockdown period. Taking the opportunity Call of Duty Mobile has launched their Season 6 of Once upon a time in Rust which has introduced a flurry women characters in a battle pass as well as Season 6 draws. The in-game comic book was the introduction of the season and it was divided into four installments which released every Friday in the month of May. Its gripping storyline has glued audiences’ interest in the season. The pilot chapter tells how Ghost Cow Boy reached the deserted lonely enemy camp on horseback which was unexpected as there was no vehicle available to reach the vicinity and on foot, no one can reach there. The second chapter narrates the story of how Cow Boy Zombie started taking over the enemy despite out of cover with his specialised gun. The third installment tells how the enemy chief came out in vision to Ghost Cow Boy asking to sort out in the ‘old fashioned way’ as the enemy chief lost all other members of his team. And sooner both prepare for one vs one fight which is revealed in the fourth installment and Ghost Cow Boy takes over the enemy chief and enemy chief warned Ghost Cow Boy while drawing his last breath “… you don’t know what’s down there”. Soon after, Ghost Cow Boy enters the enemy den and the chapter ends on a cliff-hanger. This indicates that season two of the comics will commence soon as there is a lot more to tell. In addition to that, Huntress draw has been introduced with the new character Artery, Artery Avatar, Bloody Vengeance camo for HG40, M16, Knife, Backpack, frame, Do-si-dead emote and special gun-type 25 which has the power to turn enemy into a bloody mist. The new character Anna “Artery” Buckler is an elite German specialist who knows to kill acrobatic tactics. She is a survivalist with a weakness to sunburns and a fondness for Gothic cathedrals. She is the 5th woman character introduced in a row since the launch of the new season. Apart from that, new character Nomad-Druid has been unlocked as a reward on the 24th daily login. The new character Nomad is Tavo Rojas in the Druid uniform seeks retribution for his fallen friends, using his prowess to turn the environment against his enemies. Here is a quick glimpse of the latest update:   Additionally, Call of Duty Mobile recently released the Season 7 update for its test servers. The most important addition teased in Call of Duty Mobile Beta update is the ‘Gulag,’ which is insanely popular in Call of Duty WarzoneBobby Plays, a popular Call of Duty Mobile streamer, uploaded a video on YouTube in which he explored all the cool additions in Season 7 beta update. In that video, he notices the ‘Gulag’ mentioned in the Download List. Well, that was enough for everyone familiar with ‘Gulag’ to go crazy. According to leaks, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 beta update is that it brings a bunch of new locations in the Battle Royale map, vending machines, a new Battle Royale class in the test servers called the ‘Smoke Bomber’ and more. The beta update brings so much new content that players are already brimming with excitement.