Giant Animation to spearhead the content at YouTube Originals free relaunch

Irish studio Giant Animation produced animated series will be spearheading YouTube Originals content, when it will be available for free to all viewers. The series titled, Sherwood is a 10-episode animated series inspired by the legend of Robin Hood and set in a dystopian future where Earth has been destroyed by climate change and is ruled by the evil sheriff of Sherwood. In this retelling, Robin is a 14-year-old girl who uses technology and code to hack and do battle with the sheriff. Sherwood was the first animated series commissioned for the YouTube Premium service, amongst others including Cobra Kai, Impulse and Step Up: High Water. YouTube is now changing its approach to its Premium service and is making all of its YouTube Originals series free to all viewers globally. This is a significant change from its plans to charge a monthly fee for access to original content, and may prove a headache for other streamers. Sherwood was co-produced by Baby Octopus in New York and Toybox in Auckland, New Zealand.