GameJam Titans wins hearts in the City of Nawabs

From Dilwalo ki Delhi, the second leg of GameJam Titans moved to the city of Nawabs and the children from the city did not disappoint. The game jamming continued with fervor and enthusiasm and took place at Oakridge International School in Khajaguda, Hyderabad with the opening address delivered by the school principal and NASSCOM regional director Srikanth Srinivasan. The theme that was given to the school kids was to create a game using any platform or software around either ‘water’ or ‘ice’. The school kids were given a hands-on workshop on using Unity by the Mindbox team a week prior to the showcase date. IMG_20150821_152719 The jury members for Hyderabad were Tejas Shirodkar EA India associate technical director Rahul Sehgal founder Roach Interactive and Neeraj Kumar co-founder Ogre Head Studio. “It is quite astounding to see such young kids developing games on Unity and the students have done exceedingly well to work on their games within a weeks’s time. This is also the second edition of GameJam Titans and it’s encouraging to see so many school kids coming to the event and the schools encouraging them to participate,” said Nasscom’s Shruti Verma. The jury went across to each of the 46 participating teams and played and tested the games over the next five hours and they were reasonably surprised with the result, and the thought that went behind each game. With the choice between ‘water’ and ‘ice’, the kids created some really interesting games and some just blew away the minds of the jury keeping in mind that most of these games were created within a week.   GJT_HYD On winning in the school category, the team members jointly said: “We did not really expect it and now it feels amazing. We definitely want to improve our game and make changes in it for NGDC showcase in Pune. We had to stay awake for a few nights and finish the game but it was great working and learn about game development and team work.” Game Jam Titans chapter two came to an end in Hyderabad and the city certainly had some standout games and kids did put an incredible effort in making them; the next city on the cards is Chennai, but that is a different story for a different day! Watch this space to catch all the news and updates on GameJam Titans.