Framestore teams up with U.S-based Magic Leap to explore Mixed Reality

Known for its techniques in visual effects spanning film and advertising industry, award-winning creative studio, Framestore has announced a strategic partnership with Magic Leap, who are building the next spatial computing platform, powering mixed reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical world. Framestore CEO William Sargent noted, “We are storytellers at Framestore, first and foremost. Innovation courses in our veins. The promise of Mixed Reality excites us enormously, and we are delighted that this collaboration with Magic Leap provides us with the chance to show the world the extraordinary potential of this new medium, as we experiment with new ways to share incredible narratives.” Framestore has been working with the company for several years to create original content and unique experiences to be released later this year on Magic Leap One, creator edition. Through this partnership, the teams will enable more brands and customers to build creative and digital solutions that take advantage of Magic Leap’s core technology, and transforms the physical environment around you into a boundless display, desktop, canvas, game room or workspace. “Framestore has an impressive track record in pioneering the early adoption of emerging technologies. As a Magic Leap early access partner they are ideally positioned to support companies ready to explore and innovate with the potential of spatial computing. Our partners are at the forefront of next generation content and experiences, and we’re excited to be working with Framestore on several projects,” commented Magic Leap CBO Rachna Bhasin. Framestore’s lengthy credits include Oscar-winning films Blade Runner 2049, Gravity and The Golden Compass. Its artists are also responsible for some of the most iconic and memorable characters seen on screen today, from Paddington Bear to the GEICO Gecko. In recent years the company has dramatically expanded its creative reach to create game-changing work in Virtual Reality (VR) with experiences including HBO’s Game of Thrones: Ascend the Wall, and the world’s first group VR project, Lockheed Martin’s Field Trip to Mars