Advances in technology at online casinos

The saying, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ has helped online casinos to become what they are today. As technology is constantly changing, online casinos in a bid to stay relevant are forced to come up with innovative ideas which make the life of a player easier and simpler when playing games online. These innovations borne out as a result of necessity come in many forms and shapes as we are to see below. Gamification In days gone by, the criticism labelled towards some casino games and video games was that they were anti-social. Many types of research were conducted and all reached a conclusion that playing some casino games affected the social skillset of average gamers. As the pressure was mounting, game developers and online casinos had to respond and they did brilliantly. Gamification came with a whole host of features including rules of play, point scoring and most importantly competition with others. Players were now able to compete with their peers making gaming more social. HTML5 HTML5 is one of the biggest innovations that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Before HTML5, online casinos used flash technology. Flash technology had many shortcomings including the strenuous process of requiring the player to download software or using only specified apps when s/he wanted to play casino games. Flash technology also didn’t work with iOS devices meaning online casinos could not tap into this market. However, the advent of HTML5 solved this problem once for all as it became possible for one to play casino games straight from the browser without having to download special software. As HTML5 is completely compatible with all operating systems including iOS, online casinos can now reach everyone regardless of the operating system his/her device use. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is set to become the next big thing at online casinos. Though there are already a few virtual reality online casinos, these are a bit pricey and out of the reach for many. However, with time this challenge will surely come to an end and when that time comes, virtual reality casinos will help to address a few problems that are currently bedevilling the online gaming world. One such problem is the fact that online casinos are failing to replicate the actual environment as experienced in a land-based casino. Efforts have been made such as developing more realistic soundtracks and using webcams for live tournaments, but the results have not been desirable. With virtual reality, however, players can interact with other players, place wagers, walk around the casino floor and play games just like they are in a land-based casino even if they are in a room alone. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology couldn’t have emerged at a better time, the emergence of blockchain helped to address some huge challenges that online casinos were facing. The first one pertains to payment methods. Blockchain technology made it possible for online casinos to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. As cryptocurrency wallets do not require personal information, using cryptocurrencies at online casinos has added an extra layer for online gamers. Blockchain technology has also helped in providing gamers with information on the provably fairness of an online casino. Gamers are now able to check if the outcome of casino games at online casinos is indeed random and fair.