Four games, one and a half years, two crore in revenues: A chat with GMonks

If word puzzles and trivia games are what you think, you should queue downloads for GMonk Entertainment’s titles. The studio was put together by Abhishek Jain and Neeraj Kumar in 2014. Since the inception, a humble team of five members have been catering to only one genre of games and it seems to have worked for them pretty well.
GMonks CEO Abhishek Jain
“The reason we focus mostly on this category is for couple of reasons, first being we over self- enjoy playing word and trivia games and we feel that our users gain something after playing our games which is not just a high score!” smirks GMonks co-founder and CEO Abhishek Jain. The studio has four titles to their name and is currently working on a fifth one of the same genre.  The developers expect the new game to be completed by the end of January 2018. The four previous titles have reportedly, collectively garnered Rs. two crore in revenue in the last one and a half year. With Movie Quiz being the most favoured title of the four with 5,00,000+ installs, it is followed by Wordstine with 1,50,000+ installs while Word master and Word jam having 50,000+ installs each.
Movie Quiz
With the genre of trivia and word puzzle games catering to an array of consumers, these games make their way through assisted by word of mouth and hence a title’s popularity can spike in an unprecedented pattern. On being asked about his take on the current indie scenario of the country, Jain said, “I am very positive that soon Indian indie games will have a place of their own amongst international games. For me Raji: An Ancient Epic is one of the games to look out for, and I would hope that fellow developers support this game as much as they can.” The team from GMonks are ‘likely’ to attend NGDC 2017, while they have no concrete plans as to what they would be focusing on at this year’s conference.