Former CTC Media head of Animation joins Red Carpet Studio

Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya
Russia-based film and TV content producer, Red Carpet Studio has named Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya as the vice general producer in charge of animation business development. This appointment takes place when the studio has announced a slate of animation projects, in addition to initiatives aimed at developing of service infrastructure for production, promotion, licensing and education in the animation sector. Before joining this role, Ivanova-Dostoevskaya contributed to the development of CTC Media animation department and its projects. During her tenure at CTC, the animated series Kid-e-Cats enjoyed a successful global launch, currently airing in 170 countries worldwide, with increased brand recognition, winning multiple awards, including TEFI. Kid-e-Cats resulted in 10 highly rated mobile games, while the YouTube version of the series had over a billion views. All these factors resulted in significant increase of revenues. Ivanova-Dostoevskaya’s other successes included participation in the biggest Russian and international animation trade fairs and markets, as well as a launch of Little Tiaras, animated series which found a great popularity in Russia.
Anton Kalinkin
Red Carpet Studio general producer Anton Kalinkin commented, “We created our animation development strategy for the next several years. During this time we plan to create at least two animated series, including one for the web, a feature, and mobile games. We aim at international scope of our projects and services. Our partners already number among them both Russian children’s television networks and global counterparts. We place a special emphasis on development and production of streaming content and plan to present our new projects at MIPJUNIOR/MIPCOM this fall. We are excited to be joined by Dostoevskaya with her experience of producing film and animation, and her expertise in global content creation and distribution.” Red Carpet Studio also founded the Realist Web Fest, an international web series festival and digital market, and of the First Russian Award in the streaming industry, as well as of Digital Reporter Russia, an international portal dedicated to digital industry news.