Five horror games of 2019 that will spook your socks off

You’ve immersed yourself in fantasy games, delved in adventure and even played puzzle ones but if there is one genre of gaming that piques our curiosity like no other, its horror. Gaming continues to be the ultimate experience in the media and entertainment space. If you enjoy a good scare, movies aren’t the only source. Let’s look at the games that managed to clatter our scary bones. Until Dawn (PS4)  
Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Until Dawn has become a classic among story-driven games. The survival-horror adventure follows a group of friends on a winter getaway to a snowy mountain lodge, where, one year prior, two of their friends disappeared and were never found. It’s the stereotypical setup for a slasher film, complete with flirty teens and a masked stalker on the loose, but the story takes some unexpected and unforgettable turns along the way. Most notably, Until Dawn is driven by player choice, and the consequences of your choices are deeply felt throughout the entire game. On your first playthrough, there are no redos if your action gets someone killed–only in subsequent playthroughs can you go back to specific chapters to make a different decision.

Worse Than Death (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mobile)

Worse than Death
This one is also a really immersive ride through a sleepy Stephen King-esque town. Worse Than Death is independent developer Benjamin Rivers’ third offering following Home and Alone With You, and it’s easily his topmost game thus far. The game melds Stranger Things tones with spooky dread to create a captivating horror mystery that’s fun to watch unravel. Worse Than Death delicately balances storytelling, puzzle-solving, and stealth gameplay. The package of what you do in the game is search creepy abandoned areas for clues and key items, but when you encounter the game’s monsters, it can get quite intense.

Resident Evil 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2 may technically be a remake, but it’s not without some major embellishments and updates. Resident Evil 2 reimagines the 1998 original in 2019 from the ground up quite successfully, and it does so by ironing out the series’ rough edges while going in conjunction with the survival-horror elements that put Resident Evil on the map so long ago. By combining solid gameplay mechanics with high-tension horror, Resident Evil 2 is able to create a truly terrifying experience that’s as fun to play as it is scary.

Layers Of Fear 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Layers of Fear
Akin a horror movie, it’s instantly gains cult status, with fans praising and raving about the overall environments and scares. Ultimately, the game is an attempt at switching things up while staying true to the formula set forth by the first game. Layers of Fear 2 isn’t for every single horror game fan out there, but it has plenty supernatural imagery and frights and chills down your spine.

 Blair Witch (Xbox One, PC)

Blair Witch
Blair Witch presents a package of many things with fun and surprises aplenty. It is based on a horror movie franchise. That said, there are brilliant moments to be experienced while playing Blair Witch. At times the game plunges into more of a fun category than scary given of its flimsy map layout, but overall the game does justice to the movie.