First ever Comic Con India: Fandom Month to kick off on 1 August

Gear up to celebrate the first ever Comic Con India: Fandom Month in India presented by Maruti Suzuki, which kicks off on 1 August, 2017. Fandom Month is a four-week long digital initiative to reach out to fans and talk about comics, movies, TV, gaming and more; with a mix of creator outreach to live events, digital contests, polls and geeky shopping offers. Fandom Month provides a taste of Comic Con’s bigger shows as we head into Comic Con season later this year. Comic Con India had in the past started an initiative called Free Comic Book Weekend, with the aim to expand the scope and access of comics across India. Comic Con India: Fandom Month is the extension of the same initiative, with a month long celebration of comics and other activities for fans. Comic Con India founder Jatin Varma shared, “Building upon the success of our previous digital initiatives (such as Free Comic Book Weekend, Alto Comic Book Celebration Week) to promote comics and related popular culture in the country, I am extremely excited to flag off our latest initiative Fandom Month. Thanks to Maruti Suzuki, we’ll be able to bring this Digital Comic Con to fans across India!” During this month, fans can participate in a plethora of digital contests ranging from trivia to fan art and even making memes. Each participating fans will have the opportunity to win prizes from a prize pool of over five lakhs. Fans would get access to specially curated offers on everything from books to merchandise via Amazon’s website. Fandom Month will also host a section called Creators Corner, a dedicated section where people can know more about popular Indian artists, creators and publishers. Up and coming Indian artists and writers will be introduced to fans via live chats and special contests. Fans can also join Talk Geeky, a unique online discussion forum to discuss all things geeky. In addition to connecting with fans digitally, Comic Con India: Fandom Month will also conduct few interesting live events such as screenings, workshops etc in select cities across the country.