Driving to the rescue: The top 7 superhero vehicles of all time

For all the inhuman abilities that they possess, a few superheroes still need vehicles for transit. Whilst some can take to the air or run at a lightening fast speed, there some crusaders who have to drive their way to the scene. Or even to barge out of it. The vehicles that they ride aren’t like any other vehicles that you normally find moving on the streets. It is just as special as the superheroes themselves. The designs and features are stuff of dreams and the appearance such that we would desperately crave to own one! So here are a few of them. Some well-known vehicles that our masked/caped vigilantes run, in comics and live-action movies. 1.The Turtle Van (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Obscurity may be their way of life, but the quartet of anthropomorphic turtles always show up when the danger bell is rung. And show up in their funky van which they drive to and from the underground sewage they inhibit in. Originally exhibiting an austere simplicity, the van was revamped once the turtles took charge of the vehicle. Donatello, one of the members of the turtle gang is the mechanic who regularly alters the van and also adds newer elements to it such as a missile, cannon, jet engines or all sorts of weaponry he could think of! The ninja turtles later on upgraded to ‘battle shell’, a fully armed van which they seized from ‘Purple Dragons’ and after customization from Donatello, used it to fight against the criminals. The battle shell appeared in last year’s movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows. 2.The Fantasticar (Fantastic Four) This superhero franchise may be a distant memory after a string of duds, but one of the highlights of their movies were the Fantasticar and its variants, each of which could fly. The “car” possesses the unique capability to split into segments, although there is hardly anything else which classifies as an attractive feature about this. Unlike several other vehicles in the list, the Fantasticar isn’t armed with weapons, as it is merely used to transport our heroes. The Mk. II model of the car though, could attain a speed of more than 500 mph! Bugatti? What’s that! 3.Blackbird (X-men) The conventional mode of transport of the mutants, Blackbird is seldom seen in movies but does play its part when the X-Men have to fly together to the crime scene. Originally an RS-17 which Prof.Charles Xavier acquires from S.H.E.I.L.D, the Blackbird had a cloaked device of the Shi’ar technology installed on it which could make it go invisible – perhaps the greatest feature of the vehicle. It was later upgraded to SR-71 which possessed enhanced designs and features but maintained a similar appearance to its predecessor. This version of the Blackbird also had a ‘Cerebro’, a technology which Xavier used to detected mutants, installed on the aircraft. While there are different variants of Blackbird over the course of X-Men’s history, each had it’s own speciality of going under water, flying into outer space, or some even flying much faster than any vehicle on earth. 4.Hell cycle (The Ghost Rider) The makers may have fiddled with the fire a bit too carelessly which is why the franchise went up in flames, but there’s no forgetting the mean chariot which the Ghost Rider rode. The Hell Cycle, or so it is called, came to existence when Johnny Blaze was first consumed by the ghost spirit and subsequently shot his bike with the hellfire shotgun. With looks just as intimidating as the Ghost Rider himself, the Hell Cycle leaves behind a fiery trail and can hit speeds which are unparalleled. It is also said to be indestructible, with the capability to drive along the vertical surfaces as well as ironically, over the surface of water! 5.Black Beauty (The Green Hornet) One of the oldest comic heroes, the tales of Green Hornet remain just as much fascinating in today’s times as it was in the early twentieth century when it was made. And if you are a fan of the franchise, you may very well remember the swanky car that he and his ally Kote drove. Armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, scanning devices and even knockout gas, the amazing ‘Black Beauty’ helped Green Hornet and Kato to fight the malefactors. The latter in particular, was adept at using all the gadgets of the car and made sure it is used to its optimal. The pitch dark Chrysler Imperial was one of the first vehicles used by superheroes in a live-action series, and its aura laid the foundations for many such superhero vehicles in the coming years. 6.Quinjet (The Avengers) Just like many other superhero teams, Avengers too have their own vehicle, an aircraft, to get them places when going together. Called the ‘Quinjet’, the high-flying jet may not be used as much given the might of each of the Avenger sitting in it, it does store useful tools and munitions. The Quinjet can scale enormous heights, so much that it can even traverse though outer space and also take the Avengers to the scene swiftly. 7.Batmobile (Batman) The best is always kept for the last, and Batman’s iconic Batmobile is kept at the end for just the same reason.One of the most adored and fascinating vehicles in the history, the Batmobiles have come in various shapes and sizes over the years. But not once has it failed to impress.In fact, it has only gone from strength to strength with each Batman movie. The Batmobile is equipped with more features and facilities than any other vehicle mentioned in the list. For starters, it is directly connected to the computer situated in the Batcave, whereas the tracking devices installed work with a fine precision that helps the Dark Knight track down the enemies. Powered by a jet engine, the Batmobile is mostly damage resistant and can clock breath-taking speed. Front machine guns, flamethrowers, tire spikes, landing hooks… the equipments just go on and on! Unequivocally, the most badass superhero vehicle there is. While it might be hard to get yourself a superhero vehicle, you can get more ideas about improving your current vehicle from the folks at Ratedradardetector.