FICCI Frames 2022: Curtailing online fraud and awareness could be achieved through animated content, points out speakers in a deliberation session 

India is taking every step that is necessary towards becoming a tech savvy country and one of the means adopted for achieving that is the cashless economy. With the advancement in technology and eased transaction systems, the country is furthering the idea of paperless transaction/payments. Frauds and scams are part and parcel of an emerging technology, same is with the online transactions.

FICCI Frames 2022 organised a session to highlight the financial frauds that happen in India and how an OTT show based on financial fraud can help create awareness among the viewers. In a closed-door session, Netflix’s show Jamtara was taken up as a case study. Moderated by Netflix public policy director Ambika Khurana, speakers of the session included, Viacom18 Studios COO Ajit Andhare, actor Monika Panwar, actor Sparsh Shrivastava. Special remarks were given by National Payments Corporation of India COO Praveena Rai and a recorded message was given by MEITY scientist G and group coordinator Rakesh Maheshwari. Closing remarks were given by CyberPeace Foundation founder and global president Vineet Kumar.

The official synopsis of Jamtara reads: A group of small-town young men run a lucrative phishing operation, until a corrupt politician wants in on their scheme — and a cop wants to fight it.

The series was able to create furor among the audiences and it became famous through word of mouth apart from the critic’s appreciation. The impact of the series was such that people casually started having conversations about phishing, KYC frauds, online transaction scams, net banking frauds, and others.

The deliberation pointed out the fact that for people to become much more aware, education about financial frauds and cyber security should be given to people at a young age. A topic was raised to make the kids aware and instill knowledge in them, so that they are aware about it when they grow up. To make the kids aware, animated content is the best possible way. Graphiti Multimedia founder, FICCI AVGC forum co-chairman and MESC advisory board member Munjal Shroff suggested that there should be an animated series for kids that can make kids aware of such frauds and make them understand how to deal with the fraudulent situations. Whistling Woods International VP and business head Chaitanya Chinchlikar put forward the idea that episodes could be created on different cyber security issues using already existing famous animated cartoons. He also pointed out the fact that children are not the only consumers of the cartoon, even their parents are consuming the content. Hence, both could be educated through the same.

Towards the end of the session, an awareness campaign along with a toolbook titled Sabka Number Aayega was launched by the makers of Jamtara and Netflix.