VFX Fenil Comics’ next will be a space fiction

Fenil Comics’ next will be a space fiction

Fenil Comics is bringing out some fresh content for Indian readers, through their upcoming Zura. The comic which is an outcome of creator Kiriti Rambhatla’s fascination for space, superheroes or moon landing, is inspired by Christopher Nolan’s work in the movie Interstellar.

“After I started writing graphic novels, I was inspired by the movie and how science played a role in their story. So, I embarked on a journey to write a story in the backdrop of Indian mythology and ISRO,” said Rambhatla.

In India, most comic book publishers are concentrating on horror, mythology or some common concepts. But Fenil’s focus is on different genres of stories. “While writing Zura, Kiriti has concentrated more on ISRO missions, space, milky ways and such other topics. No one has covered ISRO in their story till date. It is one more reason for us to choose this story and publish it,” mentioned Fenil Comics’ founder Fenil Sherdiwala.

The 48-paged single shot graphic novel is an outcome of writer/creator Rambhatla, illustrator Mohit Arya, colourist Sagar Ghadshi and lettering by Fenil Comics Studio’s hardwork. Rambhatla is definitely interested in exploring live-action and animation treatments for this character and thinks that it would be good to explore all avenues for this character as it will have a universal appeal.

Sherdiwala and Rambhatla both feel that the readers should read the book again and again and Zura will be their go-to graphic novel when it comes to reading fresh content and interesting storyline.

Zura, which will be released in three different variant covers is set to be released on 28 February 2020, and will begin shipping after 5 March 2020.