#FeatureFriday: Girgit Studios’ ‘Lalon and Q’ quirks up the creativity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Einstein. What is creativity without a bit of craziness! When kids get curious, it becomes quite a task for parents to answer their queries, but that’s what ignites those young brains. With everyday struggle at school and studies, these would-b-Einsteins and Edisons need a dose of quirk. With their bags already filled with creative content and more coming up, Girgit Studios never fails to charm its audience. Lalon and Q is another from their basket which will be up for the audience pretty soon and intends to ignite creative thinking and storytelling amongst kids. Though the idea for Girgit Studios’ original show Lalon and Q was initiated by Deb, the show arrived at its present shape and form after a lot of discussion within the creative team including Girgit co-founders Avinash and Anuj along with Lalon. Girgit Studios director Swarup Deb said, “Through the show, we wish to push kids beyond facts based learning, wonder and create their own stories and interpretations about things they observe around themselves.” Kids are creative souls, but adults, with their judgmental upbringing, tend to erase this creative thinking ability in them. “Our effort is towards upholding creative thinking alongside logical and scientific thinking to create a culture of innovation and open up minds to imagination,” Deb feels. The show is an outcome of extensive interview-based survey of kids and parents across 17 cities of India and Indian diaspora abroad. Mentored by Dr. Gayatri Menon, the studio gathered the interview data and decided the themes, episode duration, character designs, episode structure and other things considering the target group. Targeted basically towards the age group of six to nine years, younger kids above the age of three would enjoy the show as well. With a hint of craziness to it, the older audience will also love this intelligently crafted show. The show has a smart, geeky kid named Q who has the factual answers to everything on his fingertips. He gets baffled by his frolicsome toy, Lalon who takes him on a trip of creative, imaginative stories with a whimsical take on life. Lalon being the inspiration to the show, his frolicsome nature, crazy persona and screen presence could not be recreated in the form of animation. Also, the studio decided to leverage his face value and fan following. The studio didn’t limit itself just to animation, creating a mixture of live-action and animation. Q is an eight year old animated character whereas Lalon is shot in live-action. “When we have the tools of merging live motion to animation…why limit the experience the audience can get?” expressed Deb. Girgit Studios has not yet tied up with any broadcasters for the content but finds it suitable for any medium, be it television or OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon. With 11-minute episodes, the studio plans on creating an online platform of its own which will be subscription based with partial free content. It would have games and DIY crafts based on various episode themes of the show. With many talented animation designers on board to direct a story in their style, every episode of Lalon and Q will be a surprise treat. Content development brought together many creative writers, Neha Bahuguna being one of them. She has a versatile writing experience including kids’ content.  The show brings in talent house from NID, IDC, J.J. and other art and design schools. “I haven’t seen any show in Indian subcontinent that has connected as many dots to plate out something as nutritious and tasty at the same time!” added Deb. With much more in the palette, Girgit Studios will continue surprising the audience. For now, we are waiting for Lalon to show up with Q and take us on new adventures!