Cartoon Network Africa launches The Powerpuff Girls (PPG) Awards

The Powerpuff Girls Award Teamed up with Save The Children which is a charity organisation, Cartoon Network Africa launches The Powerpuff Girls Awards set to launch in August. The award will aim at celebrating and empowering young girls in the age-group 9-14 in Africa. The award will recognise those girls with superhero skills and who has the great ideas to change their world. It is divided into three categories; each one representing a Powerpuff Girls character, The awards will recognise those with ‘superhero skills’ who have great ideas to change their world. Split into three categories, each representing a Powerpuff Girls character, joiners will be able to submit projects in the Science and Tech Inventor, Social Helper, and Artistic Creator categories. Each category is built according to the inner powers and special abilities of each Powerpuff Girl. The Buttercup Award targets girls who celebrate excellence in science and technology by developing an invention that has raised the bar. The Bubbles Award will go to a girl who is always using her imagination to create artistic pieces, in any form, that represents girls’ empowerment. Finally, the Blossom Award will be given to the entrant that is smart, positive and has a strong moral compass, someone who makes a remarkable difference for the greater good, teaches awe-inspiring lessons and wishes to take their idea further. The CEO of Save the Children South Africa Gugu Ndebele said, “Save The Children is a child rights organisation which aims to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats its children. As the African arm of this organisation, we are proud and honoured to partner with Cartoon Network on this event. We cannot think of a better way to inspire change than to partner with an organisation that celebrates young girls and their achievements. We look forward to engaging with the young girls who rock for Africa.” Cartoon Network Africa will be spreading the awareness about the PPG award by visiting schools across South Africa and Kenya. And the entry for the awards will stay open between 15 August and 15 October 2018.