#FeatureFriday: Adorable features of ‘My Talking Tom 2’

If you are someone who loves pets and always wanted to raise a kitten, then My Talking Tom 2 is the game for you.  Outfit7, the company behind Talking Tom and Friends franchise, has recently launched the mobile game My Talking Tom 2, a sequel of the epic pet game My Talking Tom. My Talking Tom has dominated the most downloaded mobile game charts for years with more than a million installs daily and over 80 million monthly active users. Since My Talking Tom 2 is the successor of the original game, the hype has already started touching the sky. The game is available at Google play store and can be played both online and offline. The only benefit that one find playing online is earning extra XP, coins and portions by watching the run-on ads. The gameplay of My Talking Tom 2 is quite similar to the popular original game My Talking Tom. The players will raise Tom cat, and give him all the care that a nice pet like him required. Besides that, the new game has few additional features including Tom trying on clothes, rating his looks, fixing his boo-boos and so on. Not only that, the players will get multiple opportunities to bond with the Tom cat. To know more about little Tom and the gameplay, here are the highlighted features which have made me obsessed about the game and the Tom cat: Characters: Tom is the centre of attraction in the game and it revolves around him eating, sleeping, refreshing, exploring islands or playing games to earn XPs for more travelling.  The exciting part of the sequel is that Tom is not alone, he has a bunch of friends like Squeak, Flip, Gus, Dot and Sugar who are always around him. Among all other friends, Squeak is the best one as he is Tom’s childhood companion and has witnessed Tom’s action from a kitten to a cat. Once you finish a level Tom celebrates his birthday with his friends and with that Tom grow few inches further, closer to an adult cat. The fun level of Tom increases as he starts gaining new friends like Flip, Gus, Dot and Sugar after finishing a certain level. In the sequel game Tom is very connected to his friends, he always asks for ratings from his friends as soon as he tries new clothes. Graphics: As the game commences, the first thing one will notice is the wide landscape and the delivery of the little kitten Tom at the doorstep. The landscape which one will notice initially is ahead of the curve of Tom and Friends franchise because the animated graphics are much brighter and colourful compared to the original one.  The unique part is that when Tom takes a flight to explore islands for food and other necessities one will get the top view of the island which looks amazing and is relatable to any fairy tale movie. Initially in the gameplay, there will be only one available island to explore, but later more islands will be unlocked as one proceeds further. Gameplay The gameplay is similar to the original one, the players have to feed him by giving him his favourite food; play a lot of different games with him, take him to get freshen up (sometimes fixing his boo-boos) and of course send him to bed on time so that he can rest. With these ways, one can make Tom grow up faster from a little kitten into a real cat. Also, the added quality of Tom is that if you say any phrase, Tom will replicate it using his mischievous voice tone and express like a 2 year old kid. Therefore, think twice before saying anything because Tom might repeat what you just say. Tom Travels: Tom is a traveler, he travels by his private jet and is an avid explorer. He explores and discovers his food and other necessities to live. To make Tom travel, players need to play games (which are added in the game) to earn travel XPs. These travel XPs will help him to fly and explore islands for food and to fulfill other necessary items. At present, there are four islands available to explore for Tom and it unlocks only when a player finishes a consecutive level. Added games: As mentioned earlier there are a lot of added games for players to play from, some of which are per installed and some need installation. Some of the pre-installed games are Cupid Tom, Space Trails, Pet Connect, Easy Squeezy, Ice Smash, Super Balloons and so on. Other games which need installations are mostly free and are from the same franchise. There are lot of other adorable features in the game which includes growing old portion, grow younger portion, skip sleeping portions, chances to win jackpot XPs, a fashionable stack of clothing, accessories for Tom and many more. The game’s emotion, playfulness, and hysterical silliness in friendship will help you bond with it adorably.