VFX Fauna sold 'Giligilis' to Israel's LuliTV

Fauna sells animated series, ‘Giligilis’ to Israel’s LuliTV

Turkey’s leading kids entertainment company, Fauna has sold its toddler animated series, Giligilis to LuliTV, part of Israel’s Hop! Media Group.

The deal encompasses the first season of the animated show, which is a short format of 32 x 2.5 minutes. 

Giligilis are colourful, cute and funny birds teaching music and rhythm through the Orff approach. The Orff approach is a method of teaching children about music that engages their mind and body through a mixture of singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments.

Fauna first launched the show on YouTube in 2019 and grew the brand digitally. Giligilis premiered on LuliTV on 15 March.

Giligilis allows Fauna to expand its global footprint. Previously reaching over 20 countries with its pre-school show Kukuli, Fauna broadened its international presence with its co-production signed with Toonz for its brand new show Briko which will be released in September 2020.