E3 finally opens its doors to public this year

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has always been a shining point of intersection for videogame trade. Being one of the most looked up events in the sphere of gaming, E3 consequently experiences the reveal of new games, trailers and other big announcements. The event has been traditionally a media-only event and thus many enthusiasts were barred from the event. However, things are taking a turn this year as The Entertainment Software Association, the organisation which hosts the event has announced that this year the event would be open to the general public who have a ticket. 15,000 tickets would be up for grabs, each costing $249, while the first 1000 tickets would be costing $149. E3 While E3 has traditionally been a media-only event, there have been consistent calls for opening the event for the general public and possibly that is why the organisers hosted the E3 Live event last year (2016) outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center which saw participation from 20,000 people. There will also be special business-class passes this year which would bestow the owners with entry to the business lounge and priority access into the convention centre. Last year, though some big names like EA and Activision pulled out of E3, the event still remains to be popular and crucial to the gaming industry. Even last year’s E3 had some good releases to its name. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 takes place between 13 to 15 June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The tickets are on sale on the official website of the event.