VFX Dreamhack announces 2020 world tour schedule

Dreamhack announces 2020 world tour schedule

DreamHack marks its 25th anniversary with DreamHack Day — a celebration of the festival’s early beginnings in 1994. What started as a gathering of friends and their computers in a school cafeteria — with no online access — has grown into a beacon of internet culture and a gathering place for gamers worldwide featuring everything gaming under one roof. DreamHack is now the premiere gaming lifestyle festival.

While the anniversary was celebrated at DreamHack Winter 2019, the celebration will continue into 2020 to honor the many partners and cities that have been a part of DreamHack’s history. Some of DreamHack’s hallmark events over the last 25 years have included:

● 1994 — First ever DreamHack held in Malung, Sweden
● 2001 — DreamHack moves its Swedish event to Jönköping
● 2002 — DreamHack sets up winter and summer festivals for the first time
● 2011 — The first festival outside of Sweden is held in Valencia, Spain
● 2013 — The first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major takes place at DreamHack Winter
● 2015 — DreamHack is acquired by MTG AB, and a new era begins
● 2016 — The first DreamHack Masters is held in Malmö, Sweden
● 2016 — First DreamHack festival in the U.S. takes place in Austin, TX
● 2017 — DreamLeague Season 8 at Winter is the first Dota 2 Major produced by DreamHack
● 2018 — First festival in Asia takes place in Mumbai, India
● 2019 — DreamHack celebrates its 25th anniversary on December 9

‘DreamHack Day’ always offers a time to reflect on the company’s past, present and future, but it also is a day to officially announce the 2020 world tour schedule. In 2020, DreamHack will host 11 three-day, non-stop festivals in 10 major cities, including its U.S. West coast debut in Anaheim, CA. Additional locations include Leipzig, Germany; Dallas, TX, USA; Valencia and Sevilla, Spain; Montreal, Canada; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hyderabad, India; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and DreamHack Summer and Winter in Jönköping, Sweden.

“We are extremely proud to celebrate 25 years of DreamHack on this DreamHack Day, December 9, 2019.DreamHack has been on an incredible journey during all these years and for the last five we’ve been able to bring the full-on DreamHack experience to millions of visitors and viewers alike, all over the world. We now look forward to another 25 years of DreamHack festivals, bringing everything gaming under one roof to our fans. Next year’s festival lineup is very exciting and we can’t wait to show everybody what we have planned at these eleven stops spread across three continents and seven countries. Fueled by the 25 year anniversary, next year is sure to be one for the history books,” said DreamHack co-CEO Marcus Lindmark.

2019 was a tremendous year of growth for DreamHack, including first-ever events in Dallas, GA, U.S.A.; Rotterdam, Netherlands; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DreamHack also introduced an array of new festival experiences while also solidifying its position as the market leader in multi-titled esports competitions. The festival experience will continue to innovate and improve the experience for both attendees and fans alike.