Downtown Burbank Arts Festival: a congregation of more than 200 artists, world famous animators and much more!

The annual Downtown Burbank Arts Festival presented by Downtown Burbank Partnership, West Coast Artists, and the Creative Talent Network will house more than 200 award-winning artists and 20,000 patrons from around the country, on 14-15 April, 2018. This festival is free and open to the public.

Currently in its 15th year, Downtown Burbank Arts Festival uniquely blends talented digital and special effects animators with traditional handmade art forms for a ‘one-of-a-kind’ street festival experience. This four-block show will unite art-for-sale with numerous participatory events such as a Teen Art Challenge, Book signings by Disney animators, Doodle Run, and Sketch Fever at the Creative Talent Network (CTN) Road Trip by bringing a majority of animators, visual effects and video game artists (from Angeleno Avenue to Orange Grove Avenue on San Fernando Boulevard) on the same platform.

 “Burbank is an essential hub for those interested in animation and meeting world-famous influential animators. In that light, the Downtown Burbank Arts Festival offers an incomparable opportunity for professional animators to display their personal work, and for fans and the general public to meet them, receive personalized drawings, and purchase their creations,” stated CTN founder and CTN Road Trip producer Tina Price.

 The traditional handmade art forms will fill the remaining two blocks of the festival from Orange Grove Avenue to Magnolia Boulevard. Curated by West Coast Artists, this area will include surreal fantasy and retro-futuristic styles that appeals to millennial audiences with an emphasis on “green” artwork incorporating and repurposed materials in their work.

Art activities on these blocks will find acrylic works, collage, etchings, mixed-media, oils, pencil, water colours, photography, decorative pottery, raku ware, sculpture in a variety of media such as bronze, blown glass, metal, stone and wood, weavings, and artisanal jewellery.

 This two-day outdoor street festival will also feature live music, chalk artists illustrating city sidewalks, a paint-your-own-scarf event, and the opportunity to explore Downtown Burbank’s new street murals.

Festival Details :-

 Teen Art Challenge: The theme of this year’s CTN Road Trip at the Downtown Burbank Arts Festival is Teen CTN, which includes an art challenge to (Illustrate Your Favorite Songfor aspiring animators, illustrators, and media arts students aged 13 to 18. Teens can submit their entries via Instagram (using #TEENCTN2018). The winners will be announced on Saturday, 14 April. As prizes, all entries will receive a six-month free CTN Prime Membership.

Book Signing: Walt Disney Animation artists and authors Benson Shum (Holly’s Day at the Pool) and Andy Harkness (Bug Zoo) will be reading from their books at the CTN Road Tip on San Fernando Boulevard on 14 and 15 April from 1pm onwards.

 Doodle Run: Participants will be able to collect mini works of art by top animators and create a doodle masterpiece. Special prizes will be offered in the form of Doodle Map created by Blizzard Entertainment designer Chris DeBoda which will be available at the CTN booth located between Olive Avenue and Angeleno Avenue for free.

 Sketch Fever: This event is for anyone who’s interested in trying their hand at sketching models in costume.There will be two areas reserved for figure drawing at the CTN Road Trip (on San Fernando Boulevard between Angeleno Avenue and mid-block to Orange Grove). This event is also open to all.

 Paint Your Own Scarf: CreateAlive will present an interactive paint-your-own-scarf event throughout the weekend, located on San Fernando Boulevard (near Magnolia Boulevard). Participants are invited to hand-paint their own designs on 100% silk panels that can be used as scarves, table runners, and home decoration in this satisfying experience for all ages.

 Chalk Artists: This art in action experience will be fun as professional chalk artists will create masterpieces throughout the weekend in front of Burbank Town Centre.

 Explore Downtown Murals: Festival attendees are welcome to check out recently completed large-scale murals on streets and in Downtown businesses, taking pictures of their favourite murals and posting them on social media.