DNEG kickstarts the vaccination drive for its India team

DNEG has stepped forward to take full responsibility of its employees’ health and safety by organizing a pan-India vaccination drive. Starting from Mumbai, the company has already received 4000+ registrations and has vaccinated over 2000 employees till date. Next up are their offices in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mohali and Hyderabad.

Considering the critical vaccine shortages and challenges, DNEG is extending their vaccination support to other companies from varied industries like Evergreen, Universal agency, Hridayamsoft, Indikarting, and IIGM Private Limited. Apart from this, DNEG is also lending its helping hand by taking the vaccination drive to support groups like Sunshine in You Initiative, an emotional and mental wellness community in Mumbai. 

Courtesy – DNEG

Speaking about their initiative, DNEG Global Head of HR Delna Dhamodiwala said, “India is fighting its war against Covid-19 and in these trying times of the devastating second wave we want to help the government in their mission. With this drive, we aim to vaccinate our entire workforce and, in the process, build astress-free atmosphere for them.Vaccination is the only way to curb the spread of the virus. And, by getting all our employees inoculated we want toshow them that DNEG Cares and do our bit in containing the spread of the virus.”

To keep the team united in spirit of the fight against COVID, DNEG has pledged to help all its employees take their jabs and lower the risk of infection.