Diwali celebrations go virtual with Magicbox-Inkmeo’s Digital Crackers

With concerns of air contamination rising in the country, many believe Diwali, the festival of lights, will lead to more pollution. Traditionally, the festival of lights was celebrated with Diyas (earthen lamps), the notion of which signifies light’s triumph over darkness. However, in the course of time, the festival has become synonymous to burning crackers of all sorts to celebrate.
A company has brought in something which might not be the exact alternative for crackers to the enthusiasts but might fill up the cracker-void for kids if needed. Magicbox-Inkmeo has come up with a series of green-crackers. Instead of going by the conventional way crackers are lit up during the festivities, the company has a virtual approach like many other things in today’s time. Users can download the Inkmeo app and bring in front, the cards with the images of the crackers. Once scanned, the specific cracker can be seen bursting on your smartphone. According to a report in a leading daily, the company is planning to distribute 250 units of the crackers to old age homes and orphanages in Tamil Nadu. The project is a refreshing step looking forward. As the world around us leans more and more towards virtual and digital aspects, it is a pretty good product to see! Digital Crackers were launched for the first time in India in Kids India (Mumbai) on 20 September, 2017 by Spielwarenmesse eG CEO Ernst Kick, Spielwarenmesse India MD Katharina Janotta and Spielwarenemesse eG. director fair management Florian Hess.