Disney Interactive finally bites the Steam system

Disney Interactive finally comes to Steam with 21 games launched all at once today. Resisting the service for 11 years, it has decided to publish some of its classic games today over a period of time on Steam. The games include big names like Split/Second, Pure, Lego: Pirates of Caribbean: The Video Game and Tron: Evolution along with other Disney titles like Disney Tangled, Disney Alice in Wonderland, Disney Planes and Disney’s movie tie-in Toy Story 3: The Video Game among others. Disney is targeting both adults and kids alike with the games it is publishing and wants to ensure that it is a family-friendly gaming experience. Available individually on Steam, the games are also available through different saver packages that bundle various games at discounted rates. The bundles include Disney Racing Pack, Disney Other-Worldy Adventure Pack, Disney Toy Story, Planes and Cars Pack, Disney Princess and Fairy Pack and Disney Mega Pack. The discounted rates for the games will continue till 12 October to celebrate the Disney games launch on Steam. Here is a look at some of the games on the portal: Split/Second The game takes place inside a fictional reality show wherein the racers race for fame and glory. Racing through the tracks which blow apart and tear down literally in split second, the racers can fill in their powerplay meters by performing stunts, jumps and drifts throughout the track. Pure The off-road ATV racer Pure is a single as well as a multiplayer game that takes players across the world to compete on different racetracks pulling off deadly stunts on vertigo inducing jumps. The game incorporates Trick-System to reward and monitor stunts the characters keep showing off and check if the stunts are fresh or stale. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Two A co-op platformer Epic Mickey 2 is sequel to Epic Mickey. Developed by Warren Spector, who was also the brains behind the first game along with other classics like Thief: Deadly Shadows and the Deus Ex Series; Epic Mickey 2 has Oswald the Lucky Rabbit partnering Mickey Mouse on the adventurous lands of Wasteland and fighting the mad scientist. Tron: Evolution A futuristic third-person action-adventure game with the heavy parkour movements and vast digital cities to explore, Tron: Evolution is one game the movie buffs and the core gamers can enjoy alike. Having single player and multiplayer options, it provides a vast number of game modes that players can attempt to master. LEGO Pirates of Carribean A LEGO game based on the Pirates of Carribean movie franchise, the game has LEGO’s two player drop in drop out approach mechanics that is used in all of the LEGO games. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Davy Jones are the playable characters with each character having different ability than other.