VFX Disney dethrones Apple to be the most intimate US brand

Disney dethrones Apple to be the most intimate US brand

Valentine’s Day turned out to be quite special for Disney, as the company was named the “most intimate” brand based on a survey of consumers in the U.S.

Conducted by MBLM, a global agency that works with brands, The House of Mouse left behind Apple to claim the top spot in an annual survey billed as “the largest study of brands based on emotions”. According to the study of brand intimacy, Disney tops the list  with (DIS) +0.42 per cent taking away the crown from Apple (AAPL) with +0.36 per cent, which ranked first in the last three iterations of the study.

The survey enquired 6,200 consumers about how they feel about various brands, which MBLM used to create a list ranking 400 top brands. MBLM managing partner Mario Natarelli said, “Our demand for escapism and our collective need for a distraction from reality is factoring heavily in the brands that rose in 2019.”

While iPhone leaks and getting hold of latest gadgets released by Apple still interests consumers, the survey found that people felt more of an emotional connection with Disney, whether it’s through visiting Disneyland, or watching classics like The Lion King.

According to MBLM’s analysis, Apple had to lose its top position due to “its well-publicised missteps and consumer gadget fatigue.” The company had a rough year due to stagnant iPhone sales and difficulty breaking into the Chinese market.

Amazon, Chevrolet, and Netflix acquired the top five “most intimate” brands.

The most intimate brands in the U.S. have continually outperformed the top brands in the Fortune 500 and S&P indices in terms of revenue and profit over the past decade, according to the study. The 10 most “intimate” brands saw their revenue grow an average of 8.68 per cent over the decade, compared to 3.66 per cent for top Fortune 500 brands, and 4.75 per cent for those topping the S&P index.